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Business Services & Purchasing

Business Services & Purchasing is responsible for the organization and administration of the purchasing function for the academic, administrative, and research departments of the University. In performing these services in accordance with sound and prudent business practices, the office seeks to realize for the University, the maximum value for every dollar expended.

Purchasing Procedures

Information on procedures for common purchases are included below. For all other items not listed below, a request can be placed using a Purchase Requisition Form.

General office supplies are purchased through our preferred office supplies vendor. The Office Supplies Request Form lists commonly used items which are provided by our preferred vendor at a substantial discount. Items not on the list may be added to the OSRF form under "Additional Items." The requisitioner, delivery and department information must be filled out completely and all necessary levels of approval obtained prior to submitting the OSRF form to Purchasing. Forms missing delivery information, account coding and/or signatory approvals will be returned to the requisitioner.

For additional questions or forms needed, contact Selena Francois at

Receiving Items

Upon receipt of your items, check your packing slip to make sure all items have been received. If an item was not received, first check to see if the item is on backorder under the column "B/O" on the packing slip. Next, under the box "carton counts", if there is a number in the "other" column, the item is being sent via UPS. If an item is missing and not on backorder or being shipped via UPS, fax or send a copy of the packing slip to Purchasing with the item circled. Once all the items have been received, sign the packing slip and send it to Accounts Payable.

Incorrect Items

If you receive an incorrect item, or the item no longer meets your needs, please fax/send a copy of the packing slip to Purchasing with the item circled noting that the item is to be returned with the reason, i.e. damaged/wrong item. Items to be returned must be in their original box. The Vendor will pick up the item from the ordering department. Do not send the item to Purchasing unless requested.

Online Purchasing

Online purchasing will be available for users to create lists, view items and place pending orders. All pending orders will be required to have email approvals prior to Purchasing releasing the order to the preferred vendor.

To be set up for online purchasing, the Dean/VP and Department Chair must send an email to requesting the individual be given access. Depending on the approval structure, there may be more than one email from the vendor requesting approval, prior to the order being released.

Example: Mail Services places a pending order for packing tape. Business Services receives an email alert that an order needs approval and upon reviewing it releases the order. Purchasing then receives an email alert that an order is pending and releases it upon review.

Training is available from the vendor for the online ordering process.

Generic letterhead, envelopes and notepads are kept in stock.

Personalized business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads and forms can be ordered by Business Services & Purchasing. In either case, a Stationery Request Form (SRF) must be completely filled out and all necessary levels of approval obtained prior to submitting the SRF form to Purchasing.

Business Services & Purchasing works with several vendors for office furniture in order to obtain the best value. Our furniture vendors can measure and make suggestions for furniture placement and selection at no cost.

If your department is interested in pricing on specific items, email Purchasing with the item number, quantity, description and color and/or wood species. Purchasing will request quotes for quick ship and factory orders and will email the requisitioner with prices and estimated shipping time.

Use the Furniture Requisition Form and obtain all necessary approvals and fax/send to Purchasing. The yellow copy of the Purchase Order is sent to the Department. Upon receipt of the furniture, sign and send the yellow copy of the Purchase Order to Accounts Payable.

For additional questions or forms needed, contact Selena Francois at

The Travel Authorization Form should be used to request conference fees, air/rail/car travel arrangements, lodging, meals and anticipated transportation (car service/cab) charges.

If requesting a flight, the day, date, approximate departure time, airport and window/aisle information must be filled out.


Business Services & Purchasing

McSpedon Hall, Second Floor
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Walk-in Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Phone: (914) 633-2246
Fax: (914) 633-2148

Nancy Morano, Director of Business Services
(914) 633-2494

Casey DelliCarpini, Business Services Senior Specialist
Contact for: Office Supplies, Furniture, Service Contracts and other items as needed
(914) 633-2122

Selena Francois, Purchasing Coordinator
(914) 633-2246