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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the primary means by which the Faculty participates in the College Council and in the governance of the College. It is concerned with all significant issues that affect the academic life of the College and/or the welfare of the Faculty.

The powers of the Faculty Senate are derived from and subject to the powers of the Board of Trustees.

Faculty Senate Minutes

Faculty Senate Membership 2019-2020

Dr. Thomas J. Moretti, Chair
Dr. Dean Defino, Secretary

Dr. Mitchell Bard
Dr. Abigail Bishop
Dr. Marius Draeger
Dr. Helena (Wei) He
Dr. Amanda Howerton-Fox
Dr. Michael Hughes
Dr. Lubomir Ivanov
Dr. Robert Jantzen
Dr. Jennifer Kaalund
Dr. Tony Kelso
Dr. Eleni Mariola
Dr. Chrissy Martins
Dr. Meryl Nadel
Dr. Hannah Park
Dr. Smiljana Petrovic
Dr. Al Spiegel
Dr. Aaron Rosenfeld
Dr. Ore Soluade
Dr. Michelle Veyvoda