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Membership 2015-2016

Dr. Hugh Short, Chair
Ms. Dorothy Brophy, Secretary and Adjunct Representative
Dr. Jeffrey Alstete, Hagan
Dr. Miles Beckwith, A & S
Dr. Elda Buonanno, A & S
Dr. Dean DeFino, A & S
Dr. Thomas Donnarumma, A & S
Dr. Donald Grunewald, Hagan
Dr. Lubomir Ivanov, A & S
Dr. Robert Jantzen, A & S
Dr. Yourha Kang, A & S
Dr. Joshua Klein, A & S
Dr. Dorothy Leone, A & S
Dr. Chrissy Martins, Hagan
Dr. Meryl Nadel, A & S
Dr. J. L. Nasuti, Hagan
Dr. Patricia Oswald, A & S
Dr. Orly Shachar, A & S
Dr. Carol Shansky, A & S
Dr. Heechang Shin, Hagan
Dr. James Stillwaggon, A & S
Dr. Katherine Zaromatidis, A & S