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Wellness Programs

At Iona University, we are committed to promoting and enhancing the physical, interpersonal, emotional, and spiritual wellness of our students. Throughout the year a multitude of resources, activities, and programs are offered to assist students in functioning optimally across all dimensions of their lives.

Our campus Wellness Programs are a result of a collaborative effort by several departments, including Athletics, Office of Mission & Ministry, Counseling, Health Services, and Student Development.

Our collective goal is to empower our students and adequately provide you with the resources necessary to succeed in achieving your personal goals in the areas of health and overall wellness.

Wellness Program Offerings

In compliance with their mission, the Athletics Department offers many opportunities for student athletes, and non-athletes, to “develop strong mental, physical, and social skills necessary to meet daily challenges.”

They do this by coordinating:

  • the Intramurals Program that fosters healthy competition in individual and team sport activities. Intramural sports include basketball, soccer, flag football, and lacrosse;
  • various instruction and sessions on strength and conditioning training, weight training, and proper machine utilization;
  • a Division I athletics program and training on all dimensions of wellness for our athletes; and open gym recreation hours for self-directed activity.

The Office of Mission & Ministry is dedicated to building a community of faith and compassion. We recognize spirituality, and in its’ appreciation of life and purpose of existence, that it comes differently to each of us; and in turn, we offer a multitude of vehicles to find personal spirituality:

  • Community service opportunities both locally and globally;
  • Opportunities and venues for quiet prayer, meditation, reflection and discussion;
  • Sunday and daily mass, weekly inter-faith prayer opportunities, and retreats for busy people;
  • The Iona Spirituality Institute

Mission & Ministry

The Counseling Center provides outreach to the campus community as experts in the field of college mental health by providing the campus with resources, guidance and consultation. Click here to learn more about the Counseling Center's wellness programs:


The mission and function of the Health Services Department relates to overall student wellness. In addition to meeting the needs of students when ill, the practitioners are available to provide information and guidance regarding health-related issues. Health Services provides a number of proactive initiatives for all students to participate in. These include:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Health promotion programming

Health Services

The Office of Student Development, in conjunction with the student wellness team, coordinates wellness programming in a variety of venues on campus. This includes:

  • Non-credit aerobic classes including Pilates, yoga, step aerobics, kick boxing, karate, and self-defense;
  • Non-credit dance classes including Irish step-dancing, swing dancing, and various forms of Latin dancing;
  • A variety of wellness workshops, speakers, discussion groups, the gym buddies program, and running groups;
  • Robert V. LaPenta Student Union recreation programming featuring billiards, darts, chess, and ping pong tournaments, and fun “nooner” interactive activities;
  • A vast array of programs, organizations, and activities to enable students to connect, engage, and relax outside of the classroom.