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Investing Your Plan Account

Your Employer (or someone appointed by your Employer) will select the investment vendors and investment options that will be available under the Plan. The investment options will be limited to annuity contracts and mutual funds purchased through a custodial account. The list of approved investment options and vendors may change from time to time as your Employer considers appropriate. Your Employer may restrict the list of vendors who may accept new contributions to the Plan and it may be different from the list of vendors and investment options available once the contributions have been made to the Plan through a contract exchange. You should carefully review the Individual Agreements governing the annuity contracts and custodial accounts, the prospectus, or other available information before making investment decisions.

You have the right to decide how your Plan balance will be invested. Your Employer will establish administrative procedures that you must follow to select your investments. Your Employer will designate a list of vendors and investment options that you may select for new contributions to the Plan. You will also have the ability to transfer your Plan balance among the approved investment options of vendors that can accept new contributions or to investment options offered by other vendors designated by your Employer, to the extent permitted by the Individual Agreements. Contact your Employer if you are not certain whether a particular vendor or investment option is permitted under the Plan. If you do not select investments for your Plan account, the Employer will determine how your account will be invested.

Your Employer intends to operate this Plan in compliance with Section 404(c) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations Section 2550.404c-1. This means that your Employer and others in charge of the Plan will not be responsible for any losses that result from investment instructions given by you or your beneficiary.

You may change your initial investment selections as frequently as permitted under the Individual Agreements.