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Week of the Peacemaker

The Iona College Office of Mission and Ministry is dedicated to building a community of faith and compassion. As a college in the Catholic and Christian Brother traditions, Iona prizes the values of peace and social justice, so integral to this heritage.

For over 30 years Iona College has chosen the time period following Veterans Day to dedicate academic and co-curricular attention to peacemaking. This annual observance honors the selfless dedication of veterans for the cause of peace, freedom, and justice. Each year, the College chooses a theme for its Week of the Peacemaker and through lectures and activities coveys this theme in diverse and dynamic ways.

  • 2019: Guns And Roses: A New Dialogue on Violence in the U.S.A.
  • 2018: Homeland (In)Security: Immigrants and America
  • 2017: Self+Other+Earth=A Formula for our Future
  • 2016: #JustDemocracy
  • 2015: Building Bridges of Understanding and Respect across Race, Religion and Gender
  • 2014: Poverty, Power, and Privilege: Seeking Peace While Working for Justice and Equality
  • 2013: Swords to Plowshares: Seeking Peace in a Violent World
  • 2012: The Impact of Social Media
  • 2011: Got Work? Seeking Jobs With Justice
  • 2010: Advocacy: Speaking Out for Justice