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Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Programming

During the fall semester the Alcohol and Other Drug Committee sponsors a series of programs to raise awareness about the risks associated with alcohol and other drug consumption. These events have included:

  • Representation at College Involvement Fair - this gives students the opportunity to learn about Alcohol and Other Drug Education (AODE) Services available at the College, as well as, the AODE Committee and related programming
  • Road to Recovery program- an event that features young adults in recovery sharing their stories of healing with Iona students
  • Alcohol Awareness Liturgy
  • Soberfest - an alcohol-free party on campus designed to raise awareness about the risks associated with alcohol consumption
  • Black Tuesday - an awareness raising program in which student volunteers dress in black and commit to remaining silent for the day to represent the lives lost due to alcohol or other drug use
  • Educational Speakers speakers from across the U.S. are brought to campus to speak to our students about the dangers of alcohol and other drug use
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) alcohol awareness program - this is often a trivia event or an awareness table in which student members educate their peers about the negative impact of high risk alcohol or other drug use
  • DUI simulator and awareness table - a program which educates students about how alcohol impairs one's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, in addition to the legal consequences of a DWI conviction
  • Social Norms Campaign - an ongoing advertising campaign that educates students about the actual norms at Iona with regard to alcohol and other drug use. Statistics about substances can be found in the Ionian throughout the academic year, as well as, in poster advertising during Alcohol Awareness Week and Safe Spring Break.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug research presentations (i.e.: presentations provided to the Athletics Department and leaders in Greek Life) - the Coordinator of AODE Services presents new data about alcohol and other drug use at the college to various staff, administrators, and students at the College.
  • Recruiting and training Alcohol and Other Drug Peer Educators- various recruiting and advertising efforts across the campus to attract students to the AOD Peer Education team. Trainings are facilitated to AOD Peer Education Team members to prepare the team to develop and facilitate effective AOD prevention programming.
  • Choices and Consequences event- an awareness raising program utilizing "before and after" posters of celebrities, who have struggled with addictions. Students who participate have the opportunity to learn about the risks associated with different kinds of substance use and enter a raffle based on completing trivia questions.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Campaign- an awareness raising passive program which highlights the risks associated with prescription drug abuse. The program is held during finals in both the fall and spring semesters

Safe Spring Break

The Safe Spring Break programming series includes:

  • A Safe Spring Break liturgy
  • Co-sponsorship of relevant student programs (i.e. the Safe Spring Break Send Off Dance and SADD's Safe Spring Break awareness table
  • Social norms advertising specific to Iona student's safe and healthy behaviors

Professional Development

Committee members arrange and present professional development sessions about alcohol and other drugs for all professionals in the Iona community. For example, Ms. Andrea Zelinko of the Bacchus Network recently presented to the Division of Student Life regarding best practices for alcohol abuse prevention on college campuses, as well as, building effective Peer Education groups.