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Health Insurance: FAQs

Who is the insurance carrier for the Iona College Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)?

The plan is offered through Wellfleet New York Insurance Company and the preferred provider network utilized is the Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) Network.

What is covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan?

The Student Health Insurance Plan is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act and provides coverage for: Laboratory Services, Emergency Services, Prescription Drugs, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders, Maternity Care, Pediatric Services including Oral and Vision Care, Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services and Devices, Ambulatory Patient Services, Preventive & Wellness Services and Hospitalization. To view a full copy of the plan, go to:

If I waive the student health insurance, can I still use Iona’s Health Services?

Yes. All enrolled students may use the Student Health Services. Keep in mind that any blood work or cultures we send to the local laboratory will be billed to your insurance company by the lab. You will want to confirm that services provided by the laboratory will be covered under your plan in order to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.

If I waive the student health insurance plan my first year, will I be required to complete a waiver my remaining years at Iona?

Yes. You must complete a waiver each year you are enrolled at Iona College.

What happens if I lose my private health insurance coverage at some point during the year?

If your family's coverage changes due to a change in employment such as reduction of hours or termination, student aging off parent’s plan, or some other change in circumstance, you can enroll in the student health insurance plan within 31 days of the qualifying event. Note, the cost of the premium charges will be pro-rated. To enroll in the school-sponsored plan, send an email to with your name, school name and school ID # and a representative from the insurance company will assist you.

Does the insurance coverage continue through the summer months?

Yes. The insurance provides annual coverage, effective August 1 through July 31 of the following year. It also provides coverage while on break.

If I am studying away in the fall or spring, can I purchase insurance for only one semester?

No. You may not purchase the insurance for one semester only.

What happens if my insurance plan changes during the school year? Do I need to complete the waiver process over again?

No. A change during the plan year (August 1 through July 31 of the following year) does not require a new waiver.

Does the student insurance plan have dental coverage?

Pediatric dental services are covered up through age 18. Once a member turns 19 years old the plan does not cover dental services except for care or treatment due to an accidental injury, or dental care or treatment necessary due to congenital diseases.

Does the student insurance plan have vision coverage?

Under the Pediatric Vision Services, one (1) routine eye exam is covered through age 18. Once the member turns 19 years old the plan does not cover adult vision services.

Are my spouse or dependent children covered under this plan?

No. The plan is for the individual student only.

When will I receive my student health insurance ID card?

ID cards will be available online. To obtain your online ID card go to and log into your account, or choose Create New Account. Once you are able to log into your account, go under Student Options, Print ID Card.

Who can I contact with questions about the student health insurance plan?

  • Questions about enrollment or waiver process:
    • Contact Wellfleet Customer Service at (877) 657-5030.
  • Questions about whether your waiver has been received by Iona College:
    • Contact Student Financial Services at: (914) 633 2497 or
  • Questions about claims and benefits:
    • Contact Wellfleet Customer Services at (877) 657-5030 or log into your account to view claims.

Which students are included in the new health insurance plan?

All full-time undergraduate students (domestic and international) taking 12 or more credits.

If international students have global insurance, is that accepted?

Wellfleet will review the insurance provided to ensure it meets the Affordable Care Act requirements and will determine if the insurance would be valid in the state of New York and accepted by providers.

What specific action steps do students need to take to get waiver?

All undergraduate students taking 12 or more credits should go to and start by finding your school. Once on the Iona College landing page, go to the Enroll/Waive section of the page. For students who will be opting out of the school insurance, please have your current insurance information card available. This information will be needed to complete your online waiver.

Are there any exceptions to the rule?

No, all full-time undergraduate students are required to take action by either accepting enrollment or submitting a waiver.

How does the insurance get charged to students?

Iona College’s student bill will include a charge at the beginning of the fall semester and spring semesters. If a student has an approved waiver, Iona will remove the charge from the student’s account. Please note that students only have to submit their waiver at the beginning of the academic year. For the spring semester, the process will be opened to newly enrolled spring semester students only.

Does Iona College charge any administrative fee for the student insurance?

No, the insurance is billed at cost. Iona College does not charge any administrative fee or make any profit from the student insurance program.