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Costs of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) represents a realistic estimate of the costs associated with attending Iona University. If you believe that the standard Cost of Attendance does not accurately reflect your basic educational expenses, you may submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal. If your appeal is approved, you could receive additional loan funds. Due to annual and aggregate loan limits, it is possible that your eligibility could be restricted to a PLUS Loan and/or Alternative Loan. Please be aware that Iona does not award or increase institutional aid for Cost of Attendance Appeals.

Types of expenses that can be considered for a COA Adjustment Appeal:

  • You are paying more than the standard allowance for living expenses such as rent and utilities
  • You are paying more than the standard allowance for educational transportation costs
  • You are paying for dependent care expenses
  • One-time reasonable purchase of a computer

Example types of expenses that cannot be considered for a COA Adjustment Appeal but are not limited to:

  • Consumer bills (i.e., credit card debt, cell phone payments, car payments, insurance)
  • Food and on-campus meal expenses for off-campus students
  • Expenses for extracurricular activities (i.e., conferences, sports, internships)
  • Relocation expenses
  • Expenses for other family members
  • Pet or hobby expenses

Prior to submitting:

  • Confirm the Cost of Attendance Adjustment form is signed and completed
  • Ensure all documentation of expenses that are not included in the student's current Cost of Attendance are attached to the form

The review process will take five to ten business days, and you will be notified once the Cost of Attendance Adjustment is reviewed.

Submitting a Cost of Attendance Adjustment Appeal form does not guarantee that your Cost of Attendance will change. If loans are increased due to a Cost of Attendance Adjustment, it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to secure the additional loan funds.

Net Price Calculator

The net price is the total cost to you to attend Iona — all of the above costs, minus your financial aid. Iona University Net Price Calculator estimates how much financial aid you will qualify for at Iona.

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