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Costs of Attendance

The out-of-pocket expense for attending Iona University varies based on your program-specific tuition and fees and your financial aid package.

Cost breakdown

The cost of a college education includes tuition and room and board, but it also includes expenses that don’t show up on your invoice. Items such as books, transportation and other personal expenses are also factors that figure into your cost of attendance.

While each student’s cost of attendance varies, these are the expenses typically included:

Tuition and Fees: These charges are based on your program and whether you’re enrolled as a part-time or full-time student.

Living Expenses (Food and Housing): This is based on whether you live on campus or off-campus and includes food and other residential expenses.

Books, Course Materials, Supplies and Equipment: The average cost of required course materials and school supplies.

Personal Expenses: This includes personal items such as toiletries and clothes, plus entertainment.

Transportation: This is an allowance for travel to and from home if you’re living off-campus.

Loan Fees: If you’ve taken out Federal Direct Stafford or Federal Direct PLUS loans, your expenses will include loan origination fees, which are calculated based on the type of loan and how much you’ve borrowed.

Net Price Calculator

The net price is the total cost to you to attend Iona — all of the above costs, minus your financial aid. Iona University Net Price Calculator estimates how much financial aid you will qualify for at Iona.

Net Price Calculator

Tuition and Fees

Explore detailed tuition and fee breakdowns for your specific program and course of study.

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