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Tuition Exchange

Iona College is a member of the Tuition Exchange, Inc., a consortium of over 600 schools in the United States offering scholarships to children of employees on an exchange basis. See a list of participating institutions. The scholarships are usually for full tuition for undergraduate study for eight semesters, although the terms may vary from school to school. The TE program is a competitive scholarship program provided by Iona College. Admission to a member institution is determined by the institution through its regular admission process. A list of TE member institutions is available at TE’s website.

Full-time Iona employees who have completed a minimum of three years of continuous, regular, full-time employment with Iona College, as of September 1 of the current academic year, are normally eligible, on behalf of their dependent children, to apply for participation in the TE program. Application for the TE program does not guarantee acceptance at a TE member institution nor does it ensure a TE scholarship. Please refer to the program’s Guidelines for Iona Employees for further information on the selection process.

The number of scholarships available to us through the TE program varies annually and will depend on the balance between outgoing and incoming applications. We need to attract students from member institutions to Iona College in order to provide opportunities for scholarships to dependent children of Iona employees. Recipients will be notified of a decision in April.

If you are interested in the Tuition Exchange program, please review the Tuition Exchange Guidelines for Iona Employees and complete the electronic Tuition Exchange Application. Tuition Exchange applicants from member institutions should review eligibility information in the Guidelines for Member Institutions. The list of member institutions is available at TE applicants for the next academic year should submit the application by December 1. If you have additional questions, please contact Eileen F. Doyle at