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updated 4/17/2018 11:57:02 AM

Introduction of 25Live

What is 25Live?

CollegeNET's 25Live is Iona College's central source for all non-academic event reservations and room bookings. Built on the latest web technologies and data sharing capabilities, 25Live enables users to view event information and request the use of space from any computer with internet capability.

How do I access 25Live?

You may access 25Live through You will be presented with the 25Live Home screen, where you sign in using your computer user id and password. NOTE: A training session is required before an account is granted access to use the system. Please use this form to request a training session.

Who can use 25Live?

25Live can be accessed by all faculty, staff and administrators once their account is granted access after a training session.

Why should I use 25Live? Can I just call the room owner to reserve a space?

It is mandatory to use 25Live as it is the only acceptable and recognized method for scheduling events on campus.  Using 25Live is a very efficient way of finding an available space for your event.  The system is set up to include a full inventory of available spaces of all types – worship, meeting, performance, grounds, etc.  Not only is an inventory available but the system keeps track of availability of those spaces easily allowing you to find a space that is currently available in real time.

What are the recommended Browsers?

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended. Internet Explorer is strongly discouraged.

Getting Started

Once you have reached the 25Live home page, use the "Sign In" link in the upper-right corner to sign in using your Iona username and password (Note: your credentials will only work if you have completed an introductory training session.).

When you first log in, you will be brought to your Home Dashboard:
Screen captur of 25Live Home --> Dashboard

You can also view a Calendar by selecting calendar in the top right corner. This will display the events for the current day by default:
Screen capture of 25Live Home --> Calendar
Use the toolbar across the top of the days of the week to refresh the view or choose between categories of events to display on the calendar. You can also change the date range of events that are displayed by clicking on the current date range and selecting the dates you wish to be displayed.

NOTE that running date searches is a labor-intensive process so it's recommended not to search for more than a week's-worth of dates at a time:
Screen capture of 25Live Home --> Calendar Dates picker

Note: 25Live will display either the Home Dashboard or the Calendar when you log in based on which one you last used.