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Oral/Panel Presentation Themes

For the Oral/Panel Presentation, please choose one of the following specific themes, as you prepare your abstract submission.

Health, Wellness, and the Environment

The Health, Wellness, and Environment theme explores studies relating to the mental, emotional, physical, economic, spiritual, or environmental wellness of society. The focus of this research may be on the individual, a community, or the world at large.

Creativity, Knowledge, and Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines

The Creativity, Knowledge, and Entrepreneurship Across Disciplines aims to increase knowledge about the art of creativity in itself, different ways and tools to foster knowledge, and how both may be utilized to pursue or influence entrepreneurial endeavors.

Breaking Down Systems of Inequality

This theme explores student research that highlights or examines organizational and/or ideological systems that foster inequality in the United States and beyond. These inequalities may include, but are not limited to race/ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or colonization.

Technology, Social Media, and Society

Research related to Technology, Social Media, and Society may illustrate how technology and/or social media is constantly evolving and their positive and negative implications.

Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making

This theme addresses how leaders, both as individuals and as members of an organization, navigate complex moral issues in making decisions that impact their organization and broader community or society. This panel discussion may touch upon, for instance, major ethical theories, theories of justice, business ethics, and/or theories of leadership.

Goodness, Beauty, and Virtue (Submission Limited to Honors Program)

This theme includes papers that explore any moral and aesthetic issues in works of literature, history, philosophy, theology, art, or music.


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