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Iona Scholars Day

Iona Scholars Day (ISD) is an annual event to celebrate the scholarship and creative activities performed by Iona students. The day showcases faculty-mentored student work and allows students in all disciplines to recognize and appreciate each other's work through oral presentations, panel sessions, performances, and poster presentations. All students are encouraged to engage in scholarly and creative work with faculty, and share their work with the Iona community. ISD projects may be initiated as part of a course or as independent collaborations with faculty.

16th Annual Iona Scholars Day
Tuesday, April 15, 2025

Mark your calendars for the 16th annual Iona Scholars Day happening on April 15, 2025!

15th Annual Iona Scholars Day
Thursday, April 18, 2024

Thank you to everyone who participated in ISD 2024!
Please see video and photos from this event below.

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Iona Scholars Day on News 12

News 12 stopped by to learn more about Iona Scholars Day and the great work being done by students.

2024 Iona Scholars Day Keynote Speech:
Monique Jean '00

In this video, Monique Jean '00 shares how her Iona education helped to shape her future.

2024 Iona Scholars Day Presentations

The 2024 ISD student participants.
A student presenting a study on Social Media and Loneliness.
A student presenting on his product idea called Algae 3.
A student presenting her drawing at the 2024 ISD.
The 2024 ISD keynote speaker.
A student presenting a study on ants and spiders in Japan.
A student presenting on Aluminum and its Connection to Sustainability.
Two students presenting on the 'Pipeline to Prison' issue.
The 2024 ISD students with Dr. Lee.
A student presenting on Disney Princes, Consumerism and Chauvinism.
A student presenting on Singlet Fission.
A student presenting on Lipid Bilayers at ISD.
Schedule of Events April 18, 2024
9-11 a.m.Registration & Poster Set-upHynes Athletics Center
10-11 a.m.Representing Heroes and Villains in HistoryMcGrath A, LaPenta Student Union
10-11 a.m.Affecting Emotions in Different ContextsMcGrath B, LaPenta Student Union
11 a.m.-NoonCalcium BiologyMcGrath A, LaPenta Student Union
11 a.m.-NoonImpacting EconomiesMcGrath B, LaPenta Student Union
Noon-12:30 p.m.Opening: Dr. Tricia Mulligan, Provost
Welcoming Remarks: Dr. Seamus Carey, President
Keynote Speech: Monique Jean '00 joined by student anchor Alexandra Encarnacion '26
Hynes Athletics Center
12:30-2 p.m.Poster Presentations (all disciplines)/ Visual Art Exhibition/ LunchHynes Athletics Center
2-3 p.m.Influences of Social MediaMcGrath A, LaPenta Student Union
2-3 p.m.Classroom to the FutureMcGrath B, LaPenta Student Union
3-4 p.m.Challenges in Education and UpbringingMcGrath A, LaPenta Student Union
3-4 p.m.Student Teaching PortfoliosMcGrath B, LaPenta Student Union
4 p.m.Iona Scholars Day ConcertMurphy Green

2024 Iona Scholars Day Presentation Platforms & Guidelines

A poster is a graphically based approach to presenting research. In presenting your research with a poster, you should aim to use the poster as a means for generating active discussion of your research. A poster is usually composed of a short title, an introduction to your question, an overview of your investigative approach, your results, and discussion of your results, and some brief acknowledgement of the assistance and financial support, if applicable.

Effective posters are:

  • Concise and organized;
  • Visually appealing;
  • Legible from 3-6 feet distance.

In general, poster presentations are designed to relate information to the audience without excessive verbal explanation. Well-designed posters are appealing in their balance of visual information, e.g., pictures, graphs, tables, etc. complemented by captions, written explanations, etc.

Posters should include:

  1. a title giving the name of the project, and identifying the student author and faculty mentor
  2. an introduction stating the problem to be solved, ideas described or discovered, or proofs to be established
  3. a body presenting information using written descriptions and/or visual models with captions
  4. a conclusion summarizing the work and perhaps suggesting new avenues of discovery inspired by the student’s research

We will provide a panel (48 x 36 inch) where your poster should be able to stand alone (panel could be a kiosk shown in Image A and B, or tri-fold poster board with easel shown in Image C). As shown in the photos below, your presentation can be a single poster that fits on the panel or multiple printed sheets. Visual aids and handouts can be used. Any student who wants to use audio-visuals in addition to their posters may bring their own battery-powered laptop.

Image A

Example A for the ISD poster presentations.

Image B

Example B for the ISD poster presentations.

The above images A and B are examples of kiosk presentations.

Image C

An example of tri-fold posters for Iona Scholars Day.

Image C shows examples of tri-fold poster boards with easels.

Image D

Overhead view of the 2023 Iona Scholars Day.

Image D shows Iona Scholars Day poster presentations taking place in Hynes Arena.

For additional advice in preparation for poster presentations, please contact Dr. Sunghee Lee.

If you wish to present a paper, this is most likely the option that will apply to you.

  • For Faculty: If you have a topic from class that would make for engaging student presentations, then encourage your students to submit!
  • For Students: If you have a paper or other work you are particularly proud of, consider speaking about it! You don't have to submit as part of a group, we'll match you with similar topics.
  • There will be sessions of talks held in person at different times on Iona Scholars Day.

Each panel will occupy a one-hour live presentation time slot. This time slot can be divided up per panel group as each panel sees fit. For example, for a three- or four-person panel, each panel presenter can plan to give a 10- to 15-minute talk followed by a 5 minutes of question and answer with the audience. For the 10-minute talk, students should describe their paper or project (as is standard for talks in their discipline of study). Presenters are welcome to utilize slides, handouts or other media as appropriate; supplementary material can be passed out to the audience, if the presenters prefer to do so.

If you are presenting works in the fine and performing arts, we invite you to submit either a video or visual presentation based on your work. These will be made available in a gallery of work, with the opportunity to engage with members of the community.

Keynote Speaker: Monique Jean, Iona Class of 2000

Monique Jean is an Executive Director and Head of Consumer Protection Compliance for Morgan Stanley’s U.S. Banks. Monique first joined Morgan Stanley in December 2007 where she started as a paralegal in the Field Services Unit and remained until she transitioned to a role as a mortgage attorney on the Morgan Stanley Private Banking Group legal team. Monique left the firm in November 2013 to become the Chief Compliance Officer at FirstKey Mortgage. After leaving FirstKey, she became the General Counsel at Strategic Compliance Partners, a national compliance consulting firm with over 200 bank and non-bank lender clients. Monique returned to Morgan Stanley and the Private Banking Group again in August 2019 as a Senior Residential Mortgage Attorney, and on July 1, 2022, she became the Head of Consumer Protection Compliance for Morgan Stanley’s U.S. Banks.

Monique earned her BA in Political Science (Cum Laude) from Iona University in the year 2000 and her JD from the Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University.

14th Annual Iona Scholars Day
Thursday, April 20, 2023

2023 Iona Scholars Day Keynote Speaker Tony Goncalves '94

2023 Iona Scholars Day Presentations and Performances

A chemistry poster at the 2023 Iona Scholars Day.
A chemistry poster on Dendrimer at the 2023 Iona Scholars Day.
An opera singer at Iona Scholars Day.
InnerPeas, an instagram-like app for recipes.
The String quartet at Iona Scholars Day.
A presentation on the 'sofa problem' at Iona scholars Day.
A singer performing at song from Les Miserables at Iona Scholars Day.
A presentation on a health app for Iona Scholars Day.
The self-portrait drawings at Iona Scholars Day.
A singer performing a Broadway show tune at Iona Scholars Day.
A presentation on Citibike for Iona Scholars Day.
The 2023 Iona Scholars Day keynote speaker.
The full pop band at Iona Scholars Day.

Iona Month of Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities


The Iona Month of Excellence in Scholarly & Creative Activities features a variety of activities designed to showcase Faculty-Student accomplishments in academic research, performing arts, and creative work.


From Iona Commuter to Media Mogul, Tony Goncalves ’94 Paved His Own Unique Path to the Top

An accomplished and skillful leader, Tony Goncalves '94 continues to have an exciting and successful career. In Spring 2023, Mr. Goncalves visited campus and shared insights on pivotal career moments as well as valuable professional advice to students.