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Iona Scholars Day

Iona Scholars Day (ISD) is an annual event to celebrate the scholarship and creative activities performed by Iona students. The day showcases faculty-mentored student work and allows students in all disciplines to recognize and appreciate each other's work through oral presentations, panel sessions, performances, and poster presentations. We encourage all students to engage in scholarly and creative work with faculty, and share your work with the Iona community. ISD projects may be initiated as part of a course or as independent collaborations with faculty.

Three students stand near their poster made up of many blue papers at Iona Scholars Day 2015.

A Special Message to ISD 2020 Participants

While the 11th annual Iona Scholars Day, originally planned for Tuesday, April 21, 2020, cannot take place as an in-person gathering, we believe it is important to celebrate you and your accomplishments.

Please note the following:

  1. Everyone who submitted an abstract(s) is considered as accepted for presentation. As such, you may include this presentation on your resume as a scholarly achievement.
  2. We understand that your research has been interrupted and may be incomplete. Therefore, instead of a traditional scholarly presentation, we would like to have your story in the form of a 3-minute video sharing your research experience. This will be posted on the Virtual Iona Scholars Day platform and shared with the Iona community.
  3. Senior students who will be graduating this May are especially encouraged to submit videos, as this will be a wonderful way to recap your work and fond memories at Iona. We understand that you are under many challenges and stresses at this time, therefore, this is entirely voluntary but we hope many of you participate.
  4. Your video submission will be accepted if submitted on or before Sunday, April 19. For the details of the instructions on how to prepare and submit your 3-minute video, please see the instructions below.

Let's continue our wonderful tradition of learning together, and supporting each other, until when we can bring our full community together again.

We hope that you and those you love continue to be healthy and safe.



The ISD 2020 Team
Drs. Sunghee Lee, Kim Paffenroth, Thomas Ruggio, Bret Sanner, Michelle Veyvoda, Robyn Waller, Rasheda Weaver

Video Submission Instructions - Virtual Iona Scholars Day 2020

  1. A brief description about your video (one sentence).

    For example, “Joseph Giancaspro, senior biochemistry major, describes how important it is to develop new way of determining cell membrane thickness and his experience working with the team at University of Tokyo in Japan.”

  2. An image.
    • This could be a headshot, a photo of your poster or presentation, or something interesting that pertains to your presentation.
    • Please feel free to use your phone. If possible, make sure HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting is on.
  3. Send your image and description to and
    • Be sure to include “Virtual Iona Scholars Day” in the subject line.
    • Please include your major, graduation year and title of your presentation in the body of the email.
  4. A short (approximately 3-minute) video describing your work and experience.
    • You can think of this as a slightly more elaborate version of the description you wrote or as an “elevator pitch”. Try to keep it “big picture” and avoid going into the “nitty gritty” of your work.
    • he following is a rough outline of how you can shape your video. Please feel free to be as creative as you like and to deviate from it as needed.
      1. Introduce yourself. Start off with your name, major and year.
      2. Briefly state what you have been working on. For example, “I have been doing x,y,z research….”
      3. How long have you been doing this research/work?
      4. What is it about? (Remember: big picture!)
      5. What inspired you to start this research/work? What interested you initially? Has that changed over time?
      6. What implications does your research/work have on your field or the world in general?
      7. What professors did you work with? Did you work with other students on a team?
      8. How has doing this research/work shaped your goals moving forward? Has it sparked interest in other areas? Has it inspired you to attend graduate school?
    • Once completed, upload your video to OneDrive and share it with

If you have questions about these instructions, please reach out to Sunghee Lee at

Three students stand near their poster at Iona Scholars Day 2015.
A student and his computer science professor stand near his poster at Iona Scholars Day.

Iona Scholars Day

11th Annual Iona Scholars Day

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Spellman Hall & Hynes Athletics Center