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Academic Dishonesty

All purported forms of academic dishonesty will be adjudicated in accordance with the following procedures.

Academic dishonesty subverts both the purpose of the University and the experience students derive from being at Iona. It includes offenses which harm the offender and the students who do not cheat. The Iona community, therefore, pledges itself to do all in its power to prevent academic dishonesty, and to impose impartial sanctions upon those who harm themselves, their fellow students, and the entire Iona community by academic dishonesty.

At the beginning of each semester, professors shall state their policy with regard to academic dishonesty on the syllabus and course requirement form they distribute. This policy shall include the penalty to be imposed when academic dishonesty is discovered. Penalties may include failure for a given assignment or failure in the course, in which case a report shall be submitted to the appropriate Academic Dean. In the case of a second instance, students may be suspended from the University. In any allegation of academic dishonesty, every effort will be made to insure justice; in all cases, educational assistance, rather than adversary proceedings, will be sought. If, in conformity with this policy, a sanction is imposed, a student may appeal first to the professor who discovered the offense; second, to the department chair; and third, to the Academic Dean of the department involved. The decision of the Academic Dean is final if the penalty does not exceed a suspension of five class days. A student does have the right to appeal the decision of the Academic Dean to the Provost if, and only if, the sanction involves a suspension in excess of five class days. If any decision results in suspension from class in excess of five class days or dismissal from the University, the Provost shall have the final decision.