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Policies and Procedures for Students, Student Clubs, Organizations, and Events

Procedures for Forming and Maintaining a Campus Club/Organization:

When sufficient interest calls for a new campus organization, student organizers must complete the following procedures:

  1. Student organizers must meet with the Director of Student Development (or their designee) to discuss the goals and objectives of the new group and review the Checklist for Starting a New Student Organization. Before a group can be considered for approval, the student organizers must submit a list of a minimum of five full-time undergraduate students (in good academic and disciplinary standing) who will serve in the leadership positions of the organization to the Director of Student Development and the SGA Executive Board. Students may not be president of more than one club/organization. Student leaders who are members of more than one campus organization are not recommended to hold more than one executive board position. If a student is interested in holding an executive board position in more than one group they must receive written permission from the Center for Student Engagement. This applies to organizations that are in existence, as well as those that have been approved.
  2. The proposed group must obtain the signatures of at least 10 additional, full-time students who are in good academic and disciplinary standing and have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. These students must be willing to join and support the proposed organization if it is approved. Executive board members must have and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. Any student who wishes to run for an executive board position for either the Student Government Association, Gael Activities Board, Council for Greek Governance, or the Student Leader Alliance for Multiculturalism must have and maintain at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average.
  3. Membership in the proposed student group must be nondiscriminatory and open to the entire Iona University student population. For approved groups, an exception to this policy will be granted. An example of this would be for performing arts groups that wish to select members based on certain criteria. Any other student group that will require selective membership must request approval from the Director of Student Development. Such groups will be required to prove that their selection process is essential to the success of the organization and their process will be reviewed annually.
  4. Select a member of the full-time faculty, staff or administration who is willing to serve as an advisor, and submit their name to the Director of Student Development for appointment. The Director will then work to secure approval from various supervisors, department heads, and deans where appropriate prior to appointment.
  5. Submit a copy of the proposed constitution to the Director of Student Development and the SGA Constitutional Committee who will work in conjunction with the organizers to form a final edition of the proposed constitution. For Fraternities and Sororities, the proposed Constitution must first be submitted to the Council for Greek Governance and the Greek Advisor/Assistant Director of Student Development for approval prior to being submitted to the SGA. Additional Fraternity and Sorority expansion guidelines and approvals are needed.
  6. Submit a copy of the final constitution to the Vice Provost for Student Life. If the Vice Provost fails to approve the application, an appeal may be forwarded to the President of the University for a final resolution. Student leaders will retain the right to inform the Committee on Student Life of the Board of Trustees through the student representative to that committee if they feel the Board should hear any issues.
  7. Submit a copy of the final edition of the proposed constitution to the chairperson of the SGA Constitutional Committee. The chairperson will suggest approval of the new constitution to the SGA. If it is approved the organization will serve a probationary period of six academic months to determine if the organization is fulfilling its objectives, and to determine if there is a general interest in the group.
  8. After final approval by the SGA, four copies of the organization’s constitution and club roster must be made. One of each will remain on file with the SGA, with the president of the new campus group, with the advisor, and with the Center for Student Engagement. A final electronic version must also be submitted to the Vice Provost for Student Life.