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Article V: Sanctions

When a student has been found responsible of violating the College Code of Conduct, one or more of the sanctions listed below may be imposed. In addition, a Conduct Hearing Fee not to exceed $500 may be imposed in all cases where a student is determined to be in violation of the College Code of Conduct.

Any involved party may provide an impact statement to the Vice Provost for Student Life or designee when there is a finding of responsibility regarding an allegation of violence, including but not limited to, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or sexual assault. This statement may be provided while the Vice Provost for Student Life or designee is deliberating on appropriate sanctions.

Denial of specific privileges for a designated period of time.

The student receives a warning that additional violations shall result in more severe disciplinary action. This includes, but is not limited to, immediate disciplinary probation.

Educational sanctions are used alone or in conjunction with other sanctions to hold students accountable for their behavior as well as to provide an opportunity for development, education, follow up conversations, reflections, and meaningful contributions to the greater community.

The student is required to make payment to the College or to other persons, groups, or clubs/organizations for damages incurred as a result of a violation of the Code of Conduct. Restitution is separate from a Conduct Hearing Fee.

If a student fails to comply with or fails to complete an imposed sanction by the established deadline date, the student may face additional action including more progressive sanctioning, a hold on the student account, and/or a fine of $100 (per incomplete sanction if applicable).

Separation (temporary or permanent) of the student from the residence halls or other Iona premises. Students who are temporarily restricted shall be allowed to return after a designated period of time. Conditions for return may be specified.

A student may be administratively placed, assigned to a room, and/or required to relocate to a different residence hall or area.

The student will not be permitted to enter or live in the residence halls for a stated period of time, or until certain conditions and stipulations are met. If conditions allow the student, or their designee, may be permitted to be escorted to retrieve some personal belongings from the room in line with stated guidelines to do so.

Housing Probation is for a designated period of time. Any violation of the College Code of Conduct while on housing probation – no matter how minor – may result in additional sanctions. These sanctions may include (but are not limited to) permanent separation of the student from the residence halls, suspension or dismissal.

The student is required to remove himself/herself and all of their belongings from the residence halls. Any student who is dismissed from residence halls is required to remove their belongings within 48 hours unless otherwise specified by the student conduct administrator.

A status assigned for a designated period of time, during which any other violation of the Code may result in more severe sanctions including suspension or removal from housing and/or the college. The student may not represent the College in any co-curricular or extracurricular activity, or run for or hold office in any student group or club/organization. Additional restrictions or conditions may also be imposed. Violation of any of the terms of disciplinary probation subjects a student to immediate suspension or dismissal.

A period of time when a student is placed on notice that any subsequent violations of the Code of Conduct will generally result in immediate suspension or dismissal from College Housing or the College.

Suspension is defined as separation of the student from the College for a specified period of time. Permanent notification may appear on the student’s official transcript. The student shall not participate in any College-sponsored activity and shall be barred from the College premises during the period of suspension. A student may face criminal charges if any condition of the suspension is violated. A suspended student must meet with the Vice Provost and must gain written approval from him/her before returning to the College. Additional conditions for readmission will be established at the time of suspension.

Permanent separation of the student from the College. Permanent notification will appear on the student’s official transcript. The student shall also be barred from Iona premises and may face criminal charges if any condition of the dismissal is violated.

Other sanctions may be imposed instead of or in addition to those specified in the above.