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Article VII: Student Organizations

Any group comprised of Iona students, including (but not limited to) all Student Government Association-recognized student groups and Greek letter organizations, may be charged collectively with violations of the College Code of Conduct. Iona College reserves the right to address organizational behavior that takes place both on campus and off campus.

Any person having knowledge of any activity or conduct which may constitute an organizational violation should contact the Vice Provost for Student Life or designee. The group’s executive board may be held both collectively and individually responsible when alleged violations of the College Code of Conduct by one or more of its members take place with the direct or implied consent of its leadership. Individual members who knew or should have known that violations were being or would be committed may be subject to disciplinary action.

When student organizations are accused of College Code of Conduct violations, an informal investigation shall be conducted by the Vice Provost for Student Life or designee. If the student organization is affiliated with a national organization, the national headquarters may be contacted.

Student organizations may be subject to interim actions including, but not limited to, an interim suspension. If the investigation reveals that individual members are subject to disciplinary action, those individuals shall be referred to the Vice Provost for Student Life or designee for participation in the student conduct process.

A student organization can be denied some or all of its rights and/or privileges as contained in the Student Handbook. This action may be either temporary or permanent. All Greek and Social Fellowship organizations are subject to immediate suspension and or revocation of charter for violation of the College’s policy on pledging/potential/new member education process.

Sanctions for student organizations found responsible for College Code of Conduct violations also include, but are not limited to (1) revocation of College recognition or denial of application for recognition; (2) participation in any Fraternity/Sorority Life or Student Life activities; (3) recruitment/new member education or; (4) the reservation/use of College facilities.

An unrecognized student organization is any fraternity, sorority or other student organization which was previously recognized by Iona College but is no longer so recognized. This includes groups with a membership and/or a purpose substantially identical to a previously recognized student organization, even if operating under a different name.

Student participation in unrecognized student organizations is strongly discouraged, but is not prohibited. Any student who facilitates for other students to participate in an unrecognized student organization shall be charged with violations of the College Code of Conduct and referred to the student conduct process. The accused student may be subject to the full range of disciplinary sanctions available at the College, up to and including expulsion.