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Instructions for requesting Library Spaces, and McSpedon 016

If the event falls at least seven days prior to the requested date, please use 25live to submit requests for campus spaces; including spaces in Ryan and Arrigoni Libraries, and McSpedon 016.
NOTE: Users are required to attend a 25Live training session before they can use the system. See training sign-up link below.
Instructions on how to use 25live
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Contact information for other campus spaces
If the event falls within seven days, or you have not attended 25live training, please email requests for reservations in Ryan and Arrigoni Libraries, and McSpedon 016 to
The email to should include the information listed below. Reservations may not be confirmed if fields are left blank. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests submitted with less than seven days’ notice. Room reservations should be submitted by the faculty/staff member responsible for the event.
Tip: Copy and paste the fields below into an email and fill in order to complete the request.
Required information

  • Event Organizer:
  • Department/Organization:
  • Phone:
  • Number of Students/Attendees:              
  • Location Choice:
  • Date Choice:
  • Set-up Start Time:
  • Event Start Time:
  • Event End Time:
  • Course or Event Name:  
  • Event Description:          
  • Should this event be posted on our public master calendar?:
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Available Spaces in Ryan Library

Classroom 201: 2nd Floor
24 iMacs + instructor computer/projector | laptop connection | Faronics Insight Control | white board | speakerphone
Technology Instructions for Clasroom 201 »

Classroom 202: 2nd Floor
24 HP's  + instructor computer/projector | laptop connection | Faronics Insight Control | white boards | speakerphone
Technology Instructions for Classroom 202 »

Classroom 308: 3rd Floor
16 HP's + instructor computer/projector | suggested capacity of 25 | VCR/DVD projection | white boards | cable television | Faronics Insight Control | seminar table seats 20, 10 additional chairs available
Technology Instructions for Classroom 308 »

Seminar Room: 1st Floor
instructor computer (HP) | seminar table seats 16, 6 additional chairs available | VCR/DVD available at Help Desk | TV for projection
Technology Instructions for Seminar Room »

Romita Auditorium (Lecture Hall): 1st Floor
Presentation computer | VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray projection | 2 wireless microphones | several moveable tables and chairs | maximum capacity of 208
Technology Instructions for Romita Auditorium »

Group Study Rooms cannot be reserved in advance. They are available on a first come basis.