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Room Reservations

Reserving Library Spaces

Room reservations should be submitted by the faculty/staff member responsible at least seven days prior to the event date using 25live. For requests less than seven days away, please see the instructions below.

For library classroom requests less than seven days away, please email Liam Geer at x2092.

Library Classrooms and Labs

  1.  Arrigoni Classroom 101
  2.  Arrigoni Classroom 201 (Curriculum Room)
  3.  Ryan Classroom 308, 201 and 202
  4.  Ryan Seminar Room

Romita Auditorium and Other Non-Classroom Spaces

For Romita Auditorium requests less than seven days away, please email Please include all of the information listed below. Reservations may not be confirmed if fields are left blank.

Required information
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  • Set-up Start Time:
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