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Core Curriculum

Iona University is inspired by Saint Columba, founder of the early medieval historic abbey on the isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland, which was a center of learning, arts, culture and spirituality dedicated to the formation of the whole person. In Columba’s footsteps, Iona’s Core Curriculum offers a holistic foundation for your development as you seek to thrive as citizens and prospective leaders in an ever-changing world.

The Core provides a common learning experience that prepares all students for ethical, engaged citizenship and lifelong learning. The Core encourages you to see the world and your learning through the lenses of diversity, sustainability, and a global perspective framed by the values of peace, justice, civic engagement and service.

All incoming freshmen complete the Core Curriculum, no matter which School your academic major is in.

Core Curriculum for Transfer Students

Core Curriculum requirements vary for transfer students. Transfer students ordinarily take a free-standing Columba Cornerstone in their first semester but must complete the requirement no later than their second semester at Iona University.

  1. Transfer students with an associate degree are required to complete the Columba Cornerstone course as a requirement of graduation but do not complete the Core Curriculum.
  2. Non-freshmen transfer students with more than 24 credits but without an associate degree will have their credits evaluated and applied to the Core Curriculum as appropriate. They will complete the part of the Core that is not covered by their transfer credits, including the Columba Cornerstone.
  3. Transfer freshmen students with 23 or fewer credits are considered incoming freshmen and must complete the Core Curriculum. Their credits are evaluated for transfer and applied as appropriate to the Core.


Elena Procario-Foley

Elena G. Procario-Foley, Ph.D.

Director, Core Curriculum

Br. John G. Driscoll Professor of Jewish-Catholic Studies

Professor of Religious Studies