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Learning Outcomes

The Core Curriculum is designed around the following four student learning outcomes that will distinguish you as an independent and adaptable thinker and an ethical global citizen:

  1. Through engagement with “big questions” grounded in the liberal arts, students will demonstrate knowledge of the meaning and complexities of the human experience and its relationship to the natural world;  
  2. Through immersion in a nurturing community dedicated to intellectual engagement, students will demonstrate the skills needed to thrive as citizens and prospective leaders in an ever-changing world. Such skills include:
    • Critical inquiry and analysis (2.1/2.3)
    • Critical reading (2.2)
    • Critical thinking (2.4a)
    • Problem-solving (2.4b)
    • Written communication (2.5)
    • Oral communication (2.6)
    • Quantitative literacy (2.7)
    • Informational and technological literacy (2.8)
    • Teamwork and collaboration (2.9)
  3. Through a comprehensive curricular experience that emphasizes the values of peace, justice and service, as well as appreciation for human diversity, sustainability and civic engagement, students will demonstrate the ability to apply a global perspective and the principles of ethical reasoning.
    • Human Diversity (3.1)
    • Civic Engagement (3.2)
    • Ethical Reasoning (3.3)
    • Global Perspective (3.4)
  4. Through participation in a cohesive and interdisciplinary core, students will demonstrate the capacity to synthesize and adapt knowledge, skills and responsibilities to new settings, questions and specialized studies.


Elena Procario-Foley

Elena G. Procario-Foley, Ph.D.

Director, Core Curriculum

Driscoll Professor of Jewish-Catholic Studies