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Council on the Arts

The Iona College Council on the Arts is dedicated to sponsoring artistic and cultural programs for the enrichment of the Iona College community, particularly the student body.

With an endowment from the Baron Lambert Fund for the Arts, established by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Murphy, the Council exists to make the arts more present and visible - providing the unique awareness, inspiration, and participation which the arts promote.

Consisting of Iona College faculty, administrators, students, and alumni, the Council on the Arts seeks to expand and deepen the cultural life of our student body. The Council produces and coordinates events whereby students, faculty and administrators may experience the arts communally.

In addition to public performances and conferences, the Council sponsors programs such as Art Quest trips, designed to introduce members of the Iona community to the cultural richness of the community.

Spring 2021

Visual Arts Exhibition

Iona College Dance Ensemble: Social Justice in Motion

Choreographers: Dr. Hannah Park in collaboration with the dancers

Videographer: Nicholas Carter

Performers: Madison Anderson, Laura Arroyo, Haley Aversa, Olivia Conte, Elizabeth DeLeo, Sierra Emener,Eileen Exama, Megan Fisher, Isabella Lopane, Sarai Perez,Jennifer Romain Melanie Sena, Victoria Shinnick

Music: Rhythm Talks by Groove Junkie by Kyle Preston

This dance uses the movement train structure (inspired by Mitchell Rose’s Exquisite Corps) as it examines specific issues related to social justice that are important to each of the dancers. These include various types of mental illnesses, the Black Lives Matter movement, domestic abuse, sexual violence, and LGBTQ, among others, for a continued choreographic exploration of individual expression within a chosen space, capturing personal perceptions of the details of the space and the environment in relation to the issue through embodiment. The process involved integrating and connecting with dance, visual art and/or images, research, and storytelling coming from one’s own experience and perspectives to highlight the need for bringing awareness of inclusiveness and social justice.

Choreographers: Dr. Hannah Park in collaboration with the dancers

Videographer: Nicholas Carter

Performers: Madison Anderson, Laura Arroyo, Haley Aversa, Olivia Conte, Elizabeth DeLeo, Sierra Emener, Eileen Exama, Megan Fisher, Isabella Lopane Sarai Perez, Jennifer Romain, Melanie Sena, Victoria Shinnick

Music: One Earth, One People, One Love by Terry Riley, Kronos Quartet

The piece highlights the need for people to be heard, understood, and embraced as it explores each individual dancer’s perceptions and embodied expressions of different social justice issues that have been revealed and experienced in the past year.

Choreographer/Performer: Dr. Hannah Park

Music: Skirmish by Kyle Preston

Using selected action words related to pulling and reaching as metaphors, the dance examines the need to speak, and reach out in order to validate, understand, and reflect on justice, injustice, and equity.

Choreographer: Ms. Lisa Harvie

Videographer: Nicholas Carter

Performers: Madison Anderson, Olivia Conte, Megan Fisher, Victoria Shinnick

Music & Lyrics: Shine on Your Shoes by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz performed by Liza Minnelli

Originally from the Broadway musical The Band Wagon, this piece focuses on the idea of stepping forward with a purpose and eagerness to maintain a positive attitude and to better ourselves and the people around us. “With a shine on your shoes, there’s a melody in your heart…” Thus, simple acts start with one step at a time.

Choreographer/Performer: Laura Arroyo

Music: My Future by Billie Eilish

This piece experiments with the idea of women’s empowerment by examining different colors and aspects of female power and its relationship with one’s background, history, thoughts, and body.

Choreographers/Performers: Madison Anderson, Haley Aversa

Music: Lost in Thought by Jon Hopkins

This piece highlights awareness of suicide and examines ideas related to suicide through various physical and emotional expressions.

Choreographer/Performer: Megan Fisher

Music: Driver’s License x Praying by Olivia Rodrigo and Kesha

This piece examines the challenges and reality surrounding mental illness, specifically anxiety, and its possibly uncontrollable varied emotions and states.

Choreographer/Performer: Jennifer Romain

Music: Natural by Imagine Dragon, Woman by Kesha

This piece explores the general norms in society and one’s struggle to blend in because of one’s unique preferences and identity.

Choreographers/Performers: Olivia Conte, Elizabeth DeLeo

Music: You Don’t Own Me by SAYGRACe and G-Eazy

This piece highlights domestic abuse and its psychological impact.

Choreographer: Ms. Lisa Harvie

Videographer: Nicholas Carter

Performers: Madison Anderson, Laura Arroyo, Haley Aversa, Olivia Conte, Elizabeth DeLeo, Megan Fisher, Isabella Lopane Sarai Perez, Jennifer Romain, Victoria Shinnick

Music: “In the Heights” Original Broadway Cast Recording Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Originally from Broadway’s In the Heights, this piece focuses on the importance of community and social connection. In both joyful and challenging times, we depend on the people within our own circles to continue moving forward.

Past Events

Fall 2020

Two flamenco dancers end their dance with one arm in the air. There is a guitar player and another dancer in the background sitting on chairs.

Mujeres Flamenco Dance

In this interactive lecture-demonstration, the Xianix Barrer Flamenco company opens a window into the complex world of flamenco with presentations of traditional flamenco song, guitar and dance.

The Iona College Dance Ensemble performs on stage.

Virtual Iona Dance Symposium 2020

FIVE MASTER CLASSES IN ONE DAY featuring live accompaniment and celebrating various dance styles taught by known NYC dance artists and educators. These virtual classes are open to the entire Iona community.

Council Members

  • Darrell Wheeler, provost and senior vice-president for Academic Affairs, ex-officio
  • Madalyn Barbero Jordan, interim chair, coordinator, arts programming, director of the Brother Kenneth Chapman Gallery, ex-officio
  • Thomas Donnarumma, chair, Fine and Performing Arts, ex-officio
  • Elizabeth Olivieri-Lenahan, assistant vice-provost for Student Life, ex-officio
  • Hannah Park, Fine and Performing Arts (dance), ex-officio
  • Adam Rosado, Fine and Performing Arts (music), ex-officio
  • Thomas Ruggio, Fine and Performing Arts (visual arts), ex-officio

General Members


  • Galen Barry, Philosophy
  • Kenneth Chapman, CFC, artist-in-residence
  • Jennifer Kaalund, Religious Studies
  • Christine Hardigree, Education
  • Oksana Huk, Psychology
  • Nilofer Naqvi, Psychology
  • Victor Stanionis, Physics
  • Michelle Veyvoda, Communication Sciences & Disorders


  • Benjamin Mead, Office of Mission and Ministry
  • Kelly Beyrer, Office of Student Development
  • Donovan Howard, Community Member


  • Megan Fisher
  • Stacey Franciamore
  • Jessica Sanseverino

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