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Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

Iona College has restated the Iona College Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (the “Plan”) to help you and other Employees save for retirement.

Your Employer restated the Plan by signing a complex legal agreement – the Plan document - which contains all of the provisions that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires. The Plan document must follow certain federal laws and regulations that apply to retirement plans. The Plan document may change as new or revised laws or regulations take effect. Your Employer also has the right to modify certain features of the Plan from time to time. You will be notified about changes affecting your rights under the Plan.

This Summary Plan Description (SPD) summarizes the important features of the Plan document, including your benefits and obligations under the Plan. If you want more detailed information regarding certain plan features or have questions about the information contained in this SPD, you should contact your Employer. You may also examine a copy of the plan document by making arrangements with your Employer. Certain terms in the SPD have a special meaning when used in the Plan. These terms are capitalized throughout the SPD and are defined in more detail in the Definitions section of the SPD. If any information in this SPD conflicts with the terms of the Plan document adopted by your Employer, the terms of the Plan document – not this SPD - will govern.

All dollars contributed to the Plan will be invested either in annuity contracts or in mutual funds held in custodial accounts. The agreements constituting or governing the annuity contracts and custodial accounts (the “Individual Agreements”) explain your rights under the contracts and accounts and the unique rules that apply to each Plan investment which may, in some cases, limit your options under the Plan. For example, the Individual Agreement may contain a provision which prohibit loans, even if the Plan generally allows loans. If this is the case, you would not be able to take a loan from the accumulation in an investment option governed by that Individual Agreement. You should review the Individual Agreements along with this SPD to gain a full understanding of your rights and obligations under the Plan. Contact your Employer or the investment vendor to obtain copies of the Individual Agreements or to receive more information regarding the investment options available under the Plan.

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