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Company Deferment

Iona University will allow a student to defer payment of tuition until 30 days after grades are posted for a specific term if the student is taking advantage of a tuition-reimbursement program offered by his or her employer. To be eligible for this tuition deferral, the student must meet the following conditions at the time of course registration:

  1. Accepted as a matriculated student at Iona University.
  2. A letter from your company on letterhead confirming your employment and your eligibility. This letter needs to include what your company reimbursement allocation is.
  3. Payment of the $75 company deferment fee and any balance not covered by your company (e.g., if the employer pays 80% of tuition, the remaining 20% is due at registration). You can make this payment online through your PeopleSoft account.
  4. Email company letter and confirmation of payment to

These procedures must be repeated for each semester/trimester.

All deferment paperwork must be received before the first day of the term for which you are seeking deferment. Any paperwork received after the deadline will not be accepted and your account will be subject to a non-refundable late fee.