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Scholarship Appeal Process

To receive and retain any College funded financial aid, recipients must be matriculated, full-time day students and must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Those students who fail to maintain the required index for financial aid will be informed by Student Financial Services that they have been placed on probation but will receive the financial aid award for the following year on a probationary basis. Failure to meet the cumulative index requirement by the end of the probationary period will result in a loss of the aid in question for future semesters. Students who subsequently obtain the required cumulative index may petition the Director of Financial Aid, in writing each semester, for reinstatement of funds. Letters of Appeal for the fall semester must be received by July 15 and letters of appeal for the spring semester must be received by January 15.

Students will be notified of a decision within a month of the deadline. Any appeals received after these dates will not be reviewed.

Students will be notified within one month of the above deadlines of a decision. Reinstatement of academic scholarships is not automatic and will depend on the availability of funds for that academic period.

Institutional Scholarship Appeal Form