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Payment Due Dates

Payment on your account can take the form of loan commitments, financial aid awards, payment plan enrollment, or cash, check and credit card payments. It is your responsibility to ensure that your account is paid in a timely manner!

A loan or award must be posted to the account as anticipated financial aid to be considered as a valid payment on the account. Students on company deferment must have submitted all paperwork before the payment due date for the account to be considered in good standing.

Accounts with unpaid balances after the payment due date will be assessed a monthly late fee of $105. Additional collection fees will be levied on accounts that remain delinquent.

Due Dates

Undergraduate Students

  • Fall Semester: First Week in August
  • Spring Semester: First Week in January
  • Summer Sessions: At Time of Registration
  • Winter Session: At Time of Registration

Graduate Students

  • For graduate students, payment is due prior to the first day of the session or term of enrollment.

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