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COMPASS Leadership Series

What is the COMPASS Leadership Series?

The COMPASS Leadership Series is open to all students including individuals interested in learning more about themselves as a leader, for those students who are serving in leadership roles within student organizations, and those students who are interested in exploring their leadership potential.

Through participation in the workshops, individuals will be exposed to various concepts of leadership that will assist them in becoming more aware of themselves and the role they play within their community and ultimately enable one to develop their unique leadership style.

COMPASS consists of two tracks: Emerging Leaders and Organizational Leadership

  • The Emerging Leaders series is focused on those students who are interested in being introduced to leadership theories and learning more regarding leadership opportunities and themselves.
  • The Organizational Leadership track is designed for students who have become involved leaders at Iona College and wish to fine tune their skills, or learn new ways to fulfill their duties to their organizations and themselves.

Be Recognized:
Individuals that take part in four or more sessions will be presented with a COMPASS Leadership Certificate of Participation for the Organizational Leadership Track.

Organizations that take part in all sessions will receive a COMPASS Leadership Certificate of Completion. All participants will be recognized at the end of year awards reception.

Student Leadership Resource Center (SLRC)
The Leadership Resource Center is located on the ground floor of the Robert V. LaPenta Student Union . It is designed to provide an array of leadership tools and resources for the development of leadership and managerial skills. Individuals can utilize resources available for the advancement of their vision, be it in the classroom, Residence Halls, or within student organizations.

In the arena of leadership, there is always room for improvement. Brushing up on your skills and techniques is a must. There are several areas for incorporating leadership initiatives into daily tasks and operations. Student leaders have the initiative to develop their skills and talents to lead first, themselves, and then others in meeting the goals they have set.

Embracing leadership is key to the success of your organization and your personal development. Successful leadership demands constant dedication and promotion. Being a leader is a considerable challenge and it takes a strong character to undertake its obstacles.

Resources Include: Ideas for games, activities and exercises for leadership development and icebreakers; information on being a leader and enhancing your own skills; guides and informative pieces on leadership tools, resources and new ideas; materials from conferences attended and planned; tools and resources of various organizations and possible inter-organization networking contacts; programming resource files with information on various programs, speakers, and entertainers to bring to campus as well as information on how to plan and run events, conferences and retreats; information on how to be a mentor and/or be mentored; guides and directories on conducting administrative tasks and meetings; general materials for conducting leadership needs and overview materials; videos pertaining to any issue relating to leadership and student awareness; and with the busy student leader in mind, pre-packaged workshops in a box.

Additional Leadership Opportunities:

  • Student Managers and Employment: Building Managers, Information Desk Assistants, Game Room Attendants, Student Development Assistants
  • Edmond Rice Society Members (Orientation Leaders)
  • Resident Assistant
  • Campus Ministers
  • Fraternity/Sorority Life
  • Club Presidents

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