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Become an Orientation Leader

Orientation Leaders play a vital role in the transition of new students and their families to Iona College during New Student Orientation in June and August, Welcome Days at the start of the school year, New Student Orientation in January and through both formal and informal activities through the entire first year experience. They serve as not only role models to the incoming students, but also as major resources for support and information. They are responsible for conveying information about the College’s Christian Brothers values and institutional mission, as well as its unique culture, traditions and community. In addition, they serve as a peer mentor to provide the students with those mentorship relationships early in their time at Iona. This is a student leader paid stipend position; work-study eligible and non-work study students are welcome to apply.

Apply to be an Orientation Leader Now

Eddie Maffia handing out swag to students on orientation day.

We need your help in identifying outstanding students to apply. We are looking for diverse students who possess leadership skills, can work in a team environment, who have Gael pride, and who can create a welcoming environment for our new students.

Submit a nomination HERE

  • Stipend
  • Summer Campus Housing
  • Friendships and connections with top student leaders from different areas of campus
  • Impact the lives of incoming students and their families
  • Build your resume
  • Network with faculty and staff
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Give back to the GAEL community
  • Valuable leadership development, including, but not limited to team work, communication, conflict management, public speaking, etc.

Students must meet the following requirement to apply:

  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standing  
  • Involvement in the Iona College community strongly encouraged (i.e. clubs/organizations, research, service, etc.)  
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of students  
  • Must be a good communicator, be flexible, and able to think on their feet  
  • Must be punctual, dependable, and dedicated  
  • Positive energy and enthusiasm for being a GAEL (strongly encouraged)
  • Possesses strong leadership qualities  
  • Take initiative on projects and tasks; able to self-direct  
  • Works well as a member of a small and large group  

Graduate students will not be considered for this position, but can contact our office for other opportunities.

Being an orientation leader is demanding work that requires commitment and dedication. For the full week prior to the beginning of fall classes, orientation leaders will be quite busy. During this week, other obligations and responsibilities should be avoided altogether. Orientation Leaders will be involved in all aspects of our New Student Orientation program.

Our orientation program is divided into a summer component (Orientation) and a fall component (Welcome Week). Below is a timeline of dates and events:

Important Dates
Date Information

February 2

Info Sessions @ 5:30-6 PM in McGrath, 2nd fl. Student Union

February 3

Info Session @ 12-12:30 PM in McGrath, 2nd fl. Student Union

February 9

Info Sessions @ 1-1:30 PM in McGrath, 2nd fl. Student Union

February 10

Info Session @ 12-12:30 PM in McGrath, 2nd fl. Student Union

February 16

Info Session @ 12-12:30 PM in McGrath, 2nd fl. Student Union

January 26-February 25


March 1

Notifications Begin

March 26-May 6

Training - Fridays from 2-3pm

June 1-13


June 13-14

Orientation - Session 1

June 16-19


June 16-17

Orientation - Session 2

June 22


June 22-23

Orientation - Session 3

August 22-27


August 28-29

Welcome Days

  • Must be able to come to campus prior to orientation leader training  
  • Must be able to attend all trainings and prep sessions   
  • Must be able to attend all orientation sessions – June 13-14, June 16-17, June 22-23, and Welcome Days, August 28–August 29
  • Various events, activities and trainings throughout the year (Killian’s Kickoff, Recruitment, etc.)  
  • Must not hold ANY other job/position during trainings, orientations and Welcome Days  
  • Abide by the Iona College Code of Conduct and remain in good academic & disciplinary standing throughout training, orientation sessions, and the year  
  • Remain positive and excited throughout all related activities  

Contact New Student Orientation at: or at (914) 633-2360