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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please contact the Center of Advising and Academic Services by emailing or calling (914) 633-2130.
  • Do I have to be advised before I register for classes?

    Yes, you must always see an Academic Advisor prior to enrollment.

    All freshmen and undeclared students are advised by the Center for Advising. Please call (914) 633-2130 to schedule an appointment. All declared majors, are advised by the department of their major.
  • How do I withdraw from a class?

    You must obtain a course withdrawal form from the Center for Advising, and must have it signed by the course professor and by the Advising Center, and you must then submit the form to the Registrar’s Office in McSpedon Hall (second floor).
  • How many courses should I take per semester?

    Four courses/12 credits is the minimum for full-time. We recommend 15 credits/five classes to stay on target for graduation in four years.
  • How do I check for holds on my account?

    Please refer to instructions on how to check for the information in your PeopleSoft account.
  • How do I get into a class that is closed? Whom do I contact?

    You may approach the chair of the department in which the course is taught. What you are asking for is a Closed Course Code – permission number.
  • How do I get approved to take 18 credits/six courses during a fall or spring term?

    You must come to the Center for Advising to meet with an academic advisor.
  • How do I get approved to take a course during the summer/winter at another college/institution?

    You must complete a "Authorization to Attend Another College" form and provide a copy of the course description of the course(s) you plan to enroll for.
  • What is the Core curriculum?

    The Core is a group of courses that are the foundation of all Iona degree programs.
  • Where can I find Core requirements?

  • How do I declare my major?

    You must go to the department of the major you are interested in and arrange to speak with the chair. The chair will officially declare your desired major. Remember, some majors have requirements you must meet prior to declaration
  • When do I have to declare my major?

    You must plan to select a major and be eligible to declare that major no later than your sophomore year.
  • How do I change my major?

    You must go to the department of the major you are interested in and arrange to speak with the chair. The chair will complete a "Change of Major" form, which you must then bring to the dean’s office of the School of that major department.
  • How do I get college credit transferred to Iona College?

    You must send Iona an official college transcript from your school(s).
  • What scores do I need on my AP exams for courses to be accepted for credit?

  • Once I enroll at Iona, can I still take courses at another college?

    Yes, but there are limits. You may take up to four courses outside of Iona. However, you can only do this if you are in good standing.