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Student / Adviser Responsibilities

Students and advisers each play a key role in ensuring a smooth path to graduation. We plan to work hard for our students, and we hope that students will feel equally good about working hard for their own goals.

We see this as a shared process, where student and adviser play a part, where students may expect things from their adviser, and where advisers may expect things from their advisee, some of which is noted below. We look forward to working with you as you begin your academic career at Iona College.

Adviser Responsibilities Student Responsibilities
  • Be prepared and on time for appointments
  • Assist and instruct students on the understanding of College policy, procedures and implications
  • Actively listen and engage students in problem solving strategies for successful decision making
  • Share and reach out about all key dates, deadlines and upcoming events in support of degree progress
  • Work to empower students to see a path to degree completion, career options and academic success
  • Be prepared and on time for appointments
  • Review College Catalog, General Core and related resources and prepare questions on all
  • Communicate fully with adviser about all matters academic, good and bad, for best outcomes/advice
  • Review and respond to outreach from advisers to remain on track for all degree progress plans
  • Work to take responsibility for pursuing a path to degree completion, career options and personal success