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Spring Break Program in London

Spring Break in London and English Course Credit!

Students and professors gather outside of the tube in London. Register for ENG 354: Playing at the Edges (The Modern City) and spend Spring Break in the City of Sherlock and Harry Potter!

The Course

The history of London stretches back two millennia. But it is also considered the first modern city, thanks not only to massive public works and urban planning projects undertaken in the 19th century, but to the vision of countless writers, artists, scientists, engineers, and revolutionary thinkers who helped the world to imagine a new way of living, and a new way of reflecting on what it means to live. Many of these innovators and visionaries were outliers, outcasts, even outlaws, whose unique experiences and perspectives allowed them to conceive and create, where others were stuck in old ways of thinking. We will use the creative work of these individuals to create an innovator’s map this great modern city, from the margins inward. All participants in the Study Abroad trip must be enrolled in ENG 354. May serve as an English major/minor course, a Centerpiece course in the “Innovation” ICT, or as an elective.

The Trip

Over nine days and nights, we will take in the history of the city from the banks of the Thames and beyond; visit key sites connected to our coursework (see below); take in shows in some of London’s legendary venues; sample the pub life for which the city is famous; take day trips outside the city, traveling by train (Oxford) and by boat (Hampton Court Palace); while leaving plenty of free time for folks to explore the city and its environs on their own.
Students sit on a grassy hill and with turrets in the distance.

The Cost

The program costs approximately $2,200-2,500 (depending upon exchange rates). This includes airfare; ground transportation between Iona and the airport, as well as in London; dorm-style lodging; several group meals; all shows, excursions, and museum admissions.

For More Information: Contact Dr. Dean DeFino (, Dr. Ivy Linton Stabell (, or