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Spring Break Program in London

Spring Break in London and English Course Credit!

Register for ENG 214EA (New Worlds) or ENG 432 (The Victorian Age), and spend Spring Break in the City of Sherlock and Harry Potter!
Come earn upper-level or core English course credit in London. Take one of two spring semester English classes on the city in literature. London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Learn about the way its fiction reflects the wealth and poverty, the beauty and the grit, the history and the innovation of this spectacular metropolis. We’ll visit museum and pubs, theaters and subway lines, grand palaces and forgotten corners, urban hubs and country getaways!
During the semester, our courses will meet on Wednesday evenings. While in London, our days will balance structured group activities and tours with abundant free time.
The estimated cost includes airfare, dorm-style lodging, activity and transportation fees, special meals and visits to pubs, authentic English restaurants, and a ticket to a major production in London’s famous theater district.

Contact Ivy Stabell, Ph.D. or Anna Clark, Ph.D. for more information.

Estimated Cost: $2,200-$2,500

Registration Deadline: Monday, November 13, 2017; $250 deposit required

Tentative Spring Break Schedule:

Date Activity
Day 1
(March 11)

Depart New York and arrive in London.
Welcome dinner at area restaurant.
Day 2
(March 12)
Walking tour and London Eye excursion.
Day 3
(March 13)
Victoria and Albert Museum trip.
Fashion and high and low urban culture.
Day 4
(March 14)
St. Paul’s Cathedral trip and evening theater performance.
Day 5
(March 15)
Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood; special exhibition
Day 6
(March 16)
Bath day trip
Day 7
Free day; Closing dinner
Day 8
(March 18)
Depart London