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Westport, Ireland

While studying abroad is an impactful learning experience in itself, classes in Westport, Ireland will also feature many experiential learning opportunities. A few examples include nursing students performing clinical observations in local hospitals while students taking the philosophy course may meet the local musicians and drop in on one of a kind “jam band” sessions at a local pub. Students will leave these experiences with an increased framework of the world at large and a wider set of skills: yet another instance of Iona students learning outside the lines.

Dates and Costs

Dates: May 11–May 24, 2024 (Summer Session V)

Estimated Cost: $2,200* 

  • *Includes housing accommodations, daily breakfast & dinner, entrance fees to all excursions and ground transportation to excursions. 
  • Does not include: 
    • Summer tuition ($650 per credit)
    • Roundtrip airfare

Course Options

Healthcare Perspectives  (NUR 302; NUR 3020)

For nursing students only.

This course fosters students to critically examine the nursing profession, historical and theoretical frameworks, moral and legal issues, and standards of nursing practice. Current issues and healthcare trends are examined through the interprofessional lens. Emphasis on disparities that exist in the health care system of the United States and in the world are identified. Students are provided with the information and tools to confront health disparities and challenges and taught how to navigate the health care system in a collaborative interdisciplinary partnership. 

Music: Meaning and Morality (PHL 401)

Core Philosophy course.

Music occupies a unique and central role in human experience; its meaning far exceeds its entertainment value. As an art form, music is not only a source of immense pleasure, it necessarily contributes to, reflects, and, in some instances, is identified with a cultural ethos; as embedded in religious ritual, it has spiritual significance; it characteristically defines individual, societal, and generational thought and behavior; and it embodies features that give rise to human emotions.  In such respects, music also bears a unique relationship to morality. It contributes to (or may detract from) the cultivation of virtues and the development of moral character; it enhances our understanding of good and evil; it informs our sense of right and wrong and inspires actions that have moral value (right or wrong actions).  Through a reading of classical and contemporary philosophical sources as well as listening to various forms of music, this course examines the place of music in lived experience and considers its normative dimension as a source of moral influence. 


  • Must enroll in NUR 302; NUR 3020 or PHL 401 – summer enrollment opens January 2, 2024;
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of departure;
  • Students under any active form of academic or disciplinary probation at the time of departure will not be permitted to participate in the program.

Students must apply for the study abroad program via the links below. Students who are accepted to the study abroad program will then register for the courses after summer registration opens on January 2.

The application for Nursing has closed.

PHL 401 Application Deadline: March 11, 2024



Nursing Course: Sherylyn Watson Ph.D.,

Philosophy Course: Alexander Eodice Ph.D.,

Study Abroad: 

An Iona University scarf on Keem Bay Beach in Ireland.

Nearby to Westport, Achill Island is home to Keem Bay Beach, one of the world's top 50 beaches.


Iona Ireland

Summer 2024

We invite you to join us as we celebrate the announcement of Iona Ireland, a Gael campus located in the charming town of Westport.