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European Innovation Academy – Cascais, Portugal  

A city by the ocean in Portugal.

Spend three weeks in Cascais, Portugal, this summer while building a start-up company. The European Innovation Academy is a non-profit educational institution with a mission to educate future entrepreneurs and accelerate companies to pursue digital growth. The Extreme Entrepreneurship program is an international education framework that provides the mindset of Entrepreneurship to help students build a business idea into a startup in three weeks with the help of around 50 sessions from experienced Silicon Valley-minded entrepreneurs.  


Summer 2020 (3 weeks)

Application Deadline: February 14, 2020


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Program: This course is taught through a real-life customer development context where students acquire the skills and know-how to develop their business idea all the way from the conceptual stage to the market place. They are guided in building a scalable business model via real-life experiments at a real marketplace with real customer feedback, and launch the MVP (minimum viable product) to build real market traction and acquire their first 1,000 customers. The challenge rolls out in a learning environment corresponding to current and future workplace requirements — cross-functional and virtual teams with crowd-sourced work tasks, multicultural work force and extremely demanding organization, planning and communication skills.  Note: Class begins online one week before departure


  • Tuition: $1,531 
  • Accomodation (optional): $825* 
  • Meals and Transportation: $560* 
  • Flight: $1,179* 
  • Total: $4,095 
A GPA minimum of 2.5 is required to participate in this program.