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Off-Campus & Commuter Services

Off-Campus and Commuter Services is committed to educating students about the concept of community and their role as citizens in a global community. Off-Campus and Commuter Services is part of the Division of Student Life, and works ethically and collaboratively with other campus offices to support the Mission of Iona University.

Off-Campus and Commuter Services also actively collaborates with neighborhood associations, municipal leaders, local businesses, landlords, and commuter and off-campus students to maintain a safe, high quality of life and a strong sense of community for all constituencies on-campus and in the greater New Rochelle community.

Our team aims to:

  • Advocate for off-campus and commuter students in the community and on campus;
  • Educate residential and non-residential students about transitional issues faced by off-campus students including locating safe and legal off-campus housing;
  • Keep off-campus and commuter students connected to the Iona community;
  • Build relationships and provides opportunities for dialogue and interaction with neighborhood associations, local governing agencies, landlords, and local businesses;
  • Help build relationships between Iona students and citizens in the New Rochelle community while raising awareness of each others' needs and concerns;
  • Help build relationships and integrate Iona University with the surrounding community; and
  • Provide resources and services to off-campus and commuter students.

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Off-Campus & Commuter Services

Robert V. LaPenta Student Union, Center for Student Engagement
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

We are so excited to welcome you to the Iona community! Iona is committed to ensuring commuters get the full campus experiences while realizing that commuters may also have off-campus obligations. Therefore, we have many resources to help meet commuter needs and to ensure success at Iona University!

Our office is here to provide you with information and tools to assist you if you choose to transition to living off campus. And, we'll serve as your voice in the community and help you navigate the ins and outs of off-campus living.

Register Your Off-Campus Address

It's important that you and your student learn the important information about how to successfully live in the New Rochelle community. Our office is committed to supporting students through their off-campus living experience! We look to partner with parents, where appropriate, so that students are hearing the important messages about off-campus housing from many angles.

Off-Campus Information for Parents

Iona University truly cares about its relationship with the New Rochelle community. We have high expectations for our students behavior while they are living in the community. Our office is here to act as a liaison between our students and the community!

Community Member Information

We care about our New Rochelle community – and our high expectations for our off-campus students also means we have high expectations for local landlords! Our office is here to help you – from sharing your rental options with our students to working with you if a problem arises with your student renter.


The information provided in this section is intended to benefit students, tenants, and landlords. If you are a first-time tenant or landlord, take time to read these pages. They will provide an overview of off-campus and commuter service topics.

These pages are not intended to provide legal advice or replace the services of an attorney. While based on laws, these pages are not a complete summary of laws or court cases determining tenant-landlord relations. Consult with legal counsel, town agencies, or local advocacy groups when dealing with difficult situations off-campus.

Iona University's Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services is dedicated to providing educational programming and helpful information to have a positive impact on our off-campus and commuter students living experience.