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Expectations of Off-Campus Students

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Tips for Hosting Guests

  • You are responsible for the actions of your guest(s) while they are present in the building. Make sure they understand respect for the building, your property, and your neighbors. Do not let guests go into a neighbor's backyard or litter your building or neighborhood.
  • Make sure your guests park in appropriate spots. A guest should never park on your lawn.
  • You should never have so many guests it becomes a safety issue or a noise issue for your neighbors or the police.
  • Always escort guests in and out of the building.
  • Long term guests will likely place you in violation of your lease. Review your lease for specific information about having guests and/or having someone else move-in.
  • If you are serving alcohol to guests, make sure you examine the identification of those guests to make sure you are all of legal drinking age. Serving alcohol to a minor is a serious crime.
  • If you are serving alcohol to of age guests, make sure you also serve food and have non-alcoholic beverages for consumption.
  • If you are serving alcohol and someone looks like they may need medical attention, get it. You can NEVER sell alcohol from your dwelling.
  • Never let a guest leave your apartment intoxicated or allow them to drive away.

How to Be a Great Tenant and Neighbor

  • If you are having trouble paying your rent or think you might need to make a late payment, communicate with your landlord ahead of time.
  • Make sure you thoroughly read your lease and understand what your landlord will and will not do. Then follow your lease guidelines.
  • Maintain the rental unit and its exterior. Clean up your yard. Never let garbage, bottles, cups, or paper sit in your yard. Your landlord will appreciate it! You will get more of your security deposit back. And your neighbors will be happy with how you maintain the look of the community.
  • Dispose of garbage properly.
  • Be responsible for your guests.
  • Meet your neighbors. Introduce yourself. Give them your number. Invite them over. Ask them to call you if there is ever a problem.
  • Keep the noise down and recognize you may have elderly people or children living next door.
  • Leave your unit in good condition when you leave. Clean it. Remove all of your belongings.