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AP Equivalents

If you have taken Advanced Placement (AP) exams in high school, we want to make sure you get credit, where applicable! Be sure to inform Admissions or the Advising Center if you having taken AP courses in high school.

You may receive college credit for most exams scored 3 or higher (English requires a score of 4 or higher). You can not earn credit for the same course twice. In cases where credit is awarded, the equivalent Iona course(s) will be added to the official Iona record, once the College Board transcript has been received and evaluated.

Please request that an official copy of all of your exam scores be send to Iona by the College Board. The College Board may mail all scores to:

Iona University
The Center for Advising
715 North Avenue
New Rochelle, New York 10801

AP Course Credits & Equivalents
Course/ExamIona EquivalencyCreditsDegree Use
Art HistoryFPA 2003Core Humanities
BiologyBIO 101 & BIO 1029Core Science & BIO Prerequisite or Elective
Calculus ABMTH 2314Core Math
Calculus BC – score of 3MTH 2314Core Math
Calculus BC – score of 4 or 5MTH 231 & MTH 2328Core Math & MTH Prerequisite or Elective
Chemistry - score of 3 or 4CHM 1453Core Science
Chemistry - score of 5CHM 109/CHM 11010Core Science & Elective or Major
Computer Science A – score of 3CS 2014Core Computer Science
Computer Science A – score of 4 or 5CS 201 & CS 2028Core Computer Science & CS Prerequisite or Elective
Computer Science PrinciplesCS 1403Core Computer Science
Economics MicroECO 2013Core Social Science
Economics MacroECO 2023Core Social Science
English Language & Composition – score of 4 or 5ENG 1203Core Composition
English Literature & Composition – score of 4 or 5ENG Literature, non-major3Core Humanities
Environmental ScienceBIO 1254Core Science
European HistoryHST 101 & HST Elective6Core Humanities and Elective
French LanguageFRE Core & FRE Elective6Core Foreign Language and Elective
German LanguageGER Core & GER Elective6Core Foreign Language and Elective
Government & Politics (American)POL 2013Core Social Science
Government & Politics (Comparative)POL 2033Core Social Science
Human GeographyGEO 3053Elective or Major
Italian Language & CultureITA Core & ITA Elective6Core Foreign Language and Elective
Japanese Language & CultureJPN Core & JPN Elective6Core Foreign Language and Elective
Latin LanguageLAT 203 & LAT Elective6Core Foreign Language and Elective
Latin - VergilLAT 2033Core Foreign Language
Music TheoryFPA Core3Core Humanities
Physics 1 or 2 (Algebra based)Liberal Arts Elective F 22*4Liberal Arts Elective F 22*
Physics C - MechanicsPHY 102*8* (4 credits F 22)Core Science
PsychologyPSY 2023Core Social Science
SeminarLiberal Arts Elective3Free Elective, unless syllabus is submitted for content
Spanish Language & CultureSPA 203 & SPA Elective6Core Foreign Language and Elective
Spanish Literature & CultureSPA Elective & SPA Elective6Core Foreign Language and Elective
StatisticsMTH 270 or BUS 2103Elective or Major or or Business Core
Studio Art 2D DesignFPA Core3Core Humanities
Studio Art 3D DesignFPA 2113Core Humanities
Studio Art DrawingFPA 2033Core Humanities
United States HistoryHST 207 & HST 2086Elective or HST Prerequisite
World HistoryHST 101 & HST 2016Core Humanities and HST Elective

*Effective as of the 2022-23 academic year.

Updated December 2021

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