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Blackboard for Students

Blackboard 'How Tos' for Students

Blackboard is accessible via the MyIona Single Sign-On System (SSO). To access Blackboard:

  • Open your web browser and follow this URL:
  • You will see the MyIona SSO login page.
  • Enter your username and click on Continue.
  • Enter your computer password and click on Continue.
  • You will now be prompted to provide multi factor authentication.
  • You will now see the MyIona SSO Landing Page.
  • Click on Company: All Iona Applications.
  • Click on the Blackboard icon.

Forgotten Password Help

You can manage your computer password through the Password Station system. As long as you have set up your "forgotten password help" questions, you can change your password by clicking on the Forgot Your Password link on the Single Sign On System login page.

*If you have not set up your help questions for Password Station, contact the Help Desk to reset your password (914) 633-2635.

Everything you need for your Blackboard experience is in one convenient location. My Blackboard provides you with quick and easy access to critical and timely information regarding your courses. From My Blackboard, you can view how you are doing in each of the courses you are enrolled in, view grades, be reminded of assignments that are due, and much more.

The assignments tool presents a way to view and submit assignments from one location. Assignments list the name, description, and attachments for class work. Your instructor provides you all the information you need to complete the assignment. You can include comments for your instructor before you submit your work. You may upload files to complete the assignment from your computer.

Turnitin Assignments

If your Instructor has chosen to use a Turnitin assignment, the process for submitting is different. Follow the instructions below to submit using Turnitin.

  • Go to the Content Area where your instructor deployed the assignment.
  • Under the title of the assignment, click on 'View/Complete'.
  • From the Assignment Inbox page, click on 'Submit'.
  • Title your submission.
  • Click on either Choose from Computer, Choose from Dropbox, or Choose from Google Drive depending on where you saved your file.
  • Upload your file and the click on 'Upload'.
  • After clicking upload, you will see the 'Processing' screen, with some additional information about the submission and assignment.
  • When processing is complete, a formatted preview of the first page of the submission will then display. Click on 'Confirm' to confirm your submission.
  • If you submitted your file successfully, you will see a message that reads, "Congratulations - your submission is complete! This is your digital receipt. You can print a copy of this receipt from within the Document Viewer." You will also receive an email that contains your digital receipt.

Troubleshooting Turnitin Submissions
If for some reason a paper takes more than two minutes generate a preview (which is rare), there is an alternate workflow in which the user can choose a couple options:

  • Cancel, and try again—you will be taken back to select a file;
  • Keep trying, I'll be back—you can leave and will be sent an email with status information.

The discussion board is a tool for sharing thoughts and ideas about class materials. Course members can replicate the robust discussions that take place in the traditional classroom. An advantage of using the discussion board is its asynchronous nature.

You can use the discussion board for the following tasks:

  • Meet with your peers for collaboration and social interaction.
  • Pose questions about homework assignments, readings, and course content.
  • Demonstrate your understanding or application of course material.

The course email tool is a send-only tool. You can send messages from your course to course members' email accounts without having to launch office 365. You can send emails to individual users or to groups of users.

You can send email to the following users or groups in a course:

  • All Users: Sends email to all users in the course.
  • All Groups: Sends email to all of the groups in a specified course.
  • All Student Users: Sends an email to all students in the course.
  • All Instructor Users: Sends email to all of the instructors for a specified course.
  • Select Users: Sends email to select users.
  • Select Groups: Sends email to select groups.

Learn More about Email in Blackboard.

If you have successfully logged into Blackboard but do not see one of your classes in the "My Courses" area, there are a few possibilities:

  • Your Instructor may have not made the course available;
  • You may not be enrolled in the course in the Blackboard class. Students registered for courses in PeopleSoft are enrolled in the appropriate Blackboard courses twice a day through the Add/Drop period. 

Blackboard provides terrific documentation on its website, which is updated regularly. You can visit their website by using the link below:

You can also contact the Help Desk at (914) 633-2635 for support.

Blackboard is a web-based application. If you are experiencing problems, it can sometimes be fixed by changing which web browser you are using.

You can run the browser checker which will evaluate the browser you are using and let you know if it is okay or not.

If you would like more technical information about browser or plugin support, view this webpage

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