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Catholic Intellectual Tradition Series

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition Series brings together faculty over lunch or dinner to extend the dialogue between faith and culture, a dialogue that is so characteristic of Catholic teaching institutions. The CIT Series is sponsored by the Offices of the Provost and the Office of Mission & Ministry. Together, the Iona faculty commit themselves to pursue an open, animated dialogue concerning Iona's dual Catholic and Christian Brothers traditions. The Brothers have invited the faculty to join them as partners in seeking insight and understanding: this Series extends their work on campus. This dialogue is informed by the many cultural traditions represented here at Iona, among all who form this community of scholars and lifelong learners.

The Office of Mission & Ministry encourages all full-time faculty members to attend each dialogue.

Past Speakers and Topics

  • Father Gerard Mulvey, OFM. Cap., Iona University Chaplain, “Faith and the Intellectual Life: Retrieving the Sacramental and Prophetic Vision in Academia”
  • Dr. Catherine Smith, clinical lecturer of Philosophy, "Finding the Sacred in Each Other: An Experience with Collegium 2021"
  • Dr. Jim Carroll, professor, History, Dr. Teresa Delgado, professor, Religious Studies, Honorable George Latimer, county executive, Westchester County, Dr. Jeanne Zaino, professor, Political Science, Moderated by Dr. Jack Breslin, associate professor, Media and Strategic Communications, "On Eagle’s Wings: The Biden Presidency, Catholicism, and U.S. Politics"
  • Paul F. Lakeland, Ph.D., Aloysius P. Kelley S.J. Chair in Catholic Studies & Professor of Religious Studies, Fairfield University, "Negotiating Identity Re-Visited: A Symposium for Catholic Education at a Turbulent Time"
  • Thomas Donnarumma, FPA Theatre Program Director, "To Stage or Not To Stage: Producing Theatre in Keeping with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition"
  • Carl Procario-Foley, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Campus Ministries, Co-Chair of Week of the Peacemaker, "Catholic Social Teaching and Higher Education: Is 'teaching solidarity' a learning outcome?"
  • William S. Egelman, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, "Children's Well-Being: International and National Comparisons"
  • Scott Cleary, PhD, Associate Professor of English and Chair of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Steering Committee, and Regina Plunkett-Dowling, Ph.D., "Lingua Franca? Lingua Sacra? Liturgical Prayer and the Translation Wars"
  • Terrence Tilley, Ph.D., Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Professor of Catholic Theology and Chair of the Theology Department, Fordham University, "Catholic Identity, Catholic Colleges, and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition"
  • Panel: Br. Robert Novak, Ph.D., Professor of Physics; Jack Breslin, PhD, Assoc. Professor of Mass Communication; Natalie Redcross, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Mass Communication, "Creating Global Bonds: The Christian Brothers, Iona and Africa"
  • Brian Nickerson, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts and Science, "The Current Challenges for Catholic Higher Education: Achieving the Congruence of Mission, Organizational Effectiveness and Student Engagement"
  • Tricia Mulligan, Ph.D., Chair of Political Science & International Studies, "The 2010 Midterm Elections: American Foreign Policy and International Priorities"
  • Patrick J. Ryan, S.J., Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society, Fordham University, "Iona and the World: An Educational Mission"

Faculty Steering Committee

  • John Breslin, Ph.D., Media & Strategic Communication
  • Christina Carlson, Ph.D., English
  • Sean D’Alfonso, Ed.D., Office of Mission & Ministry
  • Tameka Hastick, Office of Mission & Ministry
  • Vincent Maher, Ph.D., Management, Business Administration and Health Care
  • Fr. Gerard Mulvey, OFM Cap., Office of Mission & Ministry
  • Nilofer Naqvi, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Elena Procario-Foley, Ph.D., Religious Studies
  • Jim Robinson, Ph.D., Religious Studies Department
  • Nereida Segura-Rico, Ph.D., Spanish
  • Nora Slonimsky, Ph.D., History
  • Catherine Smith, Ph.D., Philosophy

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