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Special Conditions

Changes to Family Situation

Iona University recognizes that changes occur in family situations that are beyond their control. We further understand that while the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) data is intended to determine the amount a family can reasonably be expected to pay toward a student's college costs, occasionally circumstances arise that make the FAFSA data an inaccurate picture of a family's ability to pay. The expected family contribution (EFC) determined as a result of filing a FAFSA can be adjusted only in cases of very special circumstances.

Examples of special conditions that may be reviewed:

  • Unemployment or change in unemployment status
  • Retirement of dependent student's parent
  • Death of dependent student's parent
  • Parent loss of employment
  • Reduction of untaxed income (child support or Social Security income)
  • Medical/dental expenses not covered by insurance
  • Elementary or secondary school tuition paid

Please refer to the Forms & Documents page to obtain the application.

Contact your financial aid counselor at the Student Financial Services Office to discuss whether you might benefit from filing this form, which requires substantial documentation on your part.

Studying at Other Institutions

Occasionally students want to spend a semester or academic year at another institution and transfer the hours earned back to Iona University. Students who enroll simultaneously at Iona University and another college may want to combine the hours at both institutions for financial aid purposes. In order to do so, a student must complete a consortium which is a written contract agreement between two or more eligible institutions enabling students to take coursework at different institutions simultaneously for the purpose of completing a degree. Please note that students interested in transferring credits to Iona University through a Consortium Agreement must obtain permission from the appropriate academic authority. Please contact Academic Advising for information on transfer credit policies.

To receive financial assistance when enrolling for credit at an institution other than or in addition to Iona University, the following process applies:

  1. The student must complete and submit the "Authorization to Attend Another College" to the Student Financial Services Office. This form is available in the Student Financial Services Office and/or the Dean's Office.
  2. The student must obtain a completed Consortium Agreement from the "host" institution. The consortium agreement must be submitted to the Student Financial Services office at Iona University along with the signed Authorization to Attend Another College form.
  3. The student is responsible for paying all required program fees to the "host" institution as Iona University will not make payment directly to the other school. It may take several weeks for the Consortium Agreement to be processed. Financial aid refunds from Iona University are paid to students by the 4th week of the term.
  4. Iona University's Financial Aid Office will complete Section C of the Consortium Agreement and process your financial aid accordingly.

Download a copy of the Consortium Agreement form here.

Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions at

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