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Undergraduate Tuition

Iona University Tuition and Fees Schedule 2022-23

Please review the tables below for the current full-time, undergraduate tuition rates. For information on part-time student tuition, the accelerated nursing program and other tuition categories, please see the additional tuition information section.

Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition 2022-2023
Charges Resident Cost Commuter Cost
Tuition Charges* $42,128 $42,128
Program Fee $2,200 $2,200
Room and Board $17,740 N/A
Total $62,068 $44,328

*Full-time is based on 12-18 credits per term. Students will incur additional per credit tuition charges above 18 credits.

**Room and Board amounts may vary. See more information on Meal Plans here.

Other Charges
Type Cost
Audit Charge $1,383 per class
Clinical Supervision $400 Per term
Credit by Exam $1,383 Per exam
Housing Deposit $400 One time
CAP Program Fees
  • Program Fee (Fall/Spring)
    • $2,200 per term
  • Program Fee (Summer)
    • $800 per term
Late Payment Fee $105 Per month (if past due balance exists)
Maintain Matriculation $50 Per term
Maintain Thesis $100 Per term
New Student Fee (freshman/new admits) $250 One time
Returned Check Fee $50 Per item
Stop Payment Fee $50 Per item
Tuition Insurance** $278 Per year
Student Health Insurance (for Full-time Undergraduate and International Graduate students) *** $1,163 Fall term
$1,611 Spring term

*Full-time undergraduate tuition rate applies all other terms.

**For Full-time Undergraduate and International Graduate students. Subject to change based on the insurance provider.

***Student health insurance can be waived with proof of comparable coverage.

Additional Tuition Information

Part-Time Undergraduate Student Tuition
Charges Cost
Tuition Charges $1,383 per credit
Program Fee (7-11 credits) $810 per term
Program Fee (0-6 Credits) $540 per term
Nursing - Second Degree Accelerated* Program
Tuition Charges $14,490 Per term
Student Service Fee $1,000 Per term

*Federal, state, and Iona- funded aid program eligibility varies from that available for first Bachelor’s degree students. Please complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to learn of your aid eligibility.

Tuition and fees stated are for the fall and spring semester. Professional Studies or Visiting Undergraduate students during other sessions should refer to the Summer or Winter Session tuition listing.

Professional Studies & Visiting Undergraduate Student Tuition
Tuition Charges $1,105 Per credit
Program Fee $245 Per term
Summer & Winter Session Undergraduate Tuition
Tuition Charges $812 Per credit
Program Fee $85 Per session
Audit Charge $812 Per class

There is no Federal Aid available for Summer I and Winter Session terms but there may be limited Iona Scholarships awarded to eligible Athletes and Honors students. Qualifying students may receive private loan funding.


See more information on meal plans here

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