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Full Parking and Traffic Regulations

These regulations have been promulgated to provide for the safety and well-being of all members of the Iona College Community. They are intended to ensure the safe, proper and free movement of vehicles and pedestrians within the campus.
These regulations will facilitate an emergency response by the emergency services of the City of New Rochelle when required for any incident. Your cooperation, assistance and compliance with these regulations will be of great assistance in creating a safe traffic environment.

Parking On the Iona College Campus

Parking a vehicle on the Iona College Campus is at your own risk. Iona College is not responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicle parked on the Iona Campus.

  • Traffic Regulations

    1. All vehicles operated on campus will be in compliance with the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.
    2. The posted speed limit on campus is 10 MPH, no vehicle is to exceed this speed.
    3. All vehicles will be operated in a safe and prudent manner. The operator of every vehicle will obey all posted signs and the directions of Campus Safety Officers in the performance of their duties.
    4. The operator of every vehicle will come to a complete STOP at all posted “Stop Signs” and not proceed until such movement is safe.
    5. Excessive or unnecessary vehicle noise from exhaust, radio, or screeching of tires is prohibited.
    6. The operation or parking of a motor vehicle on Iona College property is at the sole risk of the operator. Iona College assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury to any person or property which occurs on campus.
    7. Roller skates, and scooters are prohibited on Iona College property.
  • Parking Regulations

    1. Parking is prohibited in areas designated by yellow marked curbs or on any portion of the roadway.
    2. All vehicles parked on Campus MUST DISPLAY an official valid Iona College parking permit, issued by the Department of Campus Safety.
    3. Vehicles are only permitted to park in designated “lined” parking spaces clearly marked on the pavement.
    4. Vehicles cannot be left on the Campus overnight without prior authorization from the Director of Campus Safety.
    5. All vehicles that are unregistered, abandoned or fail to display a valid Iona College parking permit are in violation and will be subject to a summons and / or tow at the owner’s expense
    6. All visitors at Iona College may obtain a Visitor Parking Permit at the Main Entrance Kiosk, Safety Communications Room or the Campus Safety Office. A limited number of visitor parking spaces are located in the La Penta Student Union and Hynes Athletics Center Parking Lots.
    7. Temporary “Handicapped Parking Permits” for on- campus use only, may be obtained at the Department of Campus Safety office. Documentation in the form of a physician’s note is required to obtain the permit
    8. Faculty / Staff parking spaces are designated by yellow dividing lines. Only vehicles displaying a valid Faculty / Staff parking permit are authorized to park in these spaces.
    9. Faculty / Staff parking areas encompass the entire area of the Columba Parking Lot, Hagan Hall and a portion of the Murphy Science and Technology Center Parking Lot. Students are not permitted to park in these spaces with the exception of Columba Parking Lot, where students are allowed to park after 4PM.
    10. Student spaces are designated by the white dividing lines
    11. Faculty, Staff and Students are permitted to park in any designated parking spaces in the Garage.
    12. Handicapped parking areas are located at McSpedon, Columba, Hagan, La Penta, Hynes and Murphy Science & Technology Center Lots.
  • Overnight Permit Regulations

    1. Overnight parking is strictly prohibited in the Murphy Center and Summit Avenue parking lots.
    2. Overnight parking is permitted on the main campus in the parking garage or as follows:

      Students – White lined spaces. Faculty & Staff – Yellow lined spaces.

    3. All vehicles parked overnight on campus from December 1st through February 28th must be parked in the parking garage.
    4. Prohibited overnight parking hours are 10:30 PM to 7:30 AM
  • Permit Regulations

    1. Only a vehicle owned by an individual student / faculty / staff member, his or her family, or legal guardian is eligible to be registered for a parking permit.
    2. An Iona College Parking Permit must be displayed on a vehicle in the manner prescribed by the Department of Campus Safety. A vehicle that fails to display or improperly displays a permit is in violation of “No Vehicle Permit”.
    3. All resident freshman and sophomore students are prohibited from bringing motor vehicles to the Iona Community. This prohibition includes the parking of their vehicles on city streets within the surrounding community. Requests for waivers to this policy will only be granted under special circumstances. The Director of Campus Safety will make the final determination for a policy waiver in conjunction with the Vice Provost for Student Life. Resident freshman and sophomore students who have been authorized waivers are required to park their vehicles in the parking garage. All resident junior and senior students may have a vehicle on campus. These vehicles are required to park ON CAMPUS ONLY. These vehicles may not be parked on any city streets within the surrounding New Rochelle community of the college at any time. All resident junior and senior student vehicles must display a resident parking permit on their vehicle that will be issued and affixed to their vehicle by the Office of Campus Safety. Resident permits are not interchangeable with other vehicles and will be void if removed from the vehicle.
    4. The individual to whom a parking permit has been issued is responsible for any campus violations attributed to a vehicle displaying the parking permit, regardless of who is operating same. Parking permits are NOT transferable.
    5. Parking permits may be obtained at the Department of Campus Safety, located in the Robert V. La Penta Student Union, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, and on Fridays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM when school is in session.
    6. Temporary and Visitor Parking Permits may be obtained at the Department of Campus Safety, the Safety Communications Room in Spellman Hall, or at the Main Entrance Safety Kiosk.
      No Iona College Parking Permit…………………$20.00 Handicapped Area – No Permit……………….…$25.00 Double Parking…………………………………….$25.00 Tow-Away Zone…………………………………...$25.00 Faculty / Staff Space – No Permit…………….…$20.00 All Other Prohibited Areas………………….…….$20.00

      Passed Stop Sign………………………………….$20.00 One Way Street Violation…………………………$20.00 Other Violations……………………………………$20.00

      Subsequent violations may result in the suspension of an Iona Parking Permit for a period of 30 days. Operation of a vehicle in a dangerous or reckless manner on campus will result in the revocation of the vehicle parking permit.

  • Penalties – Parking Fines

    1. A warning may be given on the first offense, provided the violator appeals the ticket within 48 hours of the issuance of the summons.
    2. Chronic and flagrant offenders will be subject to the revocation of their Iona College Parking Permit.
    3. Vehicles parked in areas designated as Fire Lanes or Tow-Away Zones will be subject to immediate removal or “Booting”. All vehicles removed from such tow-away zones may be redeemed by the owner and / or operator upon the payment of the necessary expenses for the removal and storage to the tow contractor.
    4. The Department of Campus Safety will forward a list of outstanding parking fines to Student Financial Services. These fines will be charged to the permit holder’s account. Diplomas and transcripts will be held pending the disposition of outstanding parking and traffic fines.

    Tickets May Be Appealed On-Line Only At:

  • College Tow Procedures

    The following procedures are hereby established for the removal of illegally parked vehicles from the Iona College Campus. These procedures have been adopted by Iona College to safeguard members of the Iona Community.
    These procedures will be applied uniformly to all vehicles on the Iona College campus on a 24 hour basis.

    A. Emergency Tow:

    1. Vehicles parked on the Iona College Campus in a hazardous location, i.e. Fire Lane, Tow-away zone, yellow marked curbing, obstructing a driveway, roadway or parking area will be subject to immediate removal.

    Vehicle Redemption:

    1. All inquiries by owners and /or operators of towed vehicles may be made at the Department of Campus Safety Office or Communications Room. The owner and / or operator may claim their towed vehicle by paying the established tow and storage charges directly to the contracted Tow Service.
    2. Authorization for all tows will be made at the direction of the Director of Campus Safety or duly authorized representative.
    3. An Iona College Campus Safety Incident Report will be filed for each vehicle towed from the Iona College campus.
  • College Booting Procedure

    The following procedures are established by Iona College to temporarily disable any vehicle by securing a booting device; if the vehicle is parked on campus and is a persistent violator’s vehicle or parked in violation of the Iona College towing policy.

    Persistent Violator’s Vehicle:

    1. Upon observing a vehicle that is listed on the current list of vehicles with four (4) or more outstanding parking summonses and no parking permit, the Safety Officer will notify the tour supervisor.
    2. The Supervisor will check the computer in an attempt to verify that the outstanding tickets have not been paid since the establishment of the list or notify the Director of Campus Safety.


    1. If a vehicle is parked in violation of the established Iona College towing policy the Safety Officer should immediately notify the tour Supervisor and request the vehicle be towed.
    2. In a case where a tow truck is either unavailable or unable to safely remove the illegally parked vehicle, then the vehicle should be booted.
    3. The Safety Officer will place a booting device on the front driver’s side wheel. He will complete a “Booting Notification Form” which will be placed on the front windshield. Information will include the date and time, vehicle type, license number and location of the incident.
    4. The established fee for removal of the booting device is $15.00. A receipt will be given for this payment and the releasing officer will also include the name of the owner / operator of the vehicle, as well as the Student ID number, if an Iona College student.
    5. If an Iona College student does not have cash to pay for the boot removal fee, the Safety Officer will ascertain the students name and student ID number, and the Department of Campus Safety will have the fee charged to the student’s account with Student Financial Services. The booting device will then be removed from the vehicle. Iona College does not want to unnecessarily inconvenience a student by denying access to their vehicle.
    6. An Iona College Incident Report will be filed for each booting incident detailing the circumstances of the booting. This should include the reason for the vehicle being booted and to whom the vehicle was released.