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Parking Policies and Other Vital Information

Driving and Parking:

Procedures have been adopted by the College to insure the safety and convenience of all persons on campus. They apply to all full-time and part-time Iona students, faculty, administrators, staff and visitors using the facilities of the College. Skateboarding, rollerblading/skating and sledding are prohibited on campus to enhance both driving and pedestrian safety. The responsibility for the enforcement of these rules and regulations is assigned to the Department of Campus Safety.
See full parking policy and regulations.

Identification Cards:

Iona College identification cards are issued through the Department of Campus Safety, located in the Robert V. LaPenta Student Union . This identification is retained throughout one’s stay at the College and MUST BE CARRIED AT ALL TIMES ON CAMPUS. Every member of the College community is required to have his identification card VALIDATED at the beginning of each semester. Each student is required to present a validated ID card at the request of any authorized official of the College. Failure to present this card is a violation of the College Code of Conduct. It must also be displayed at registration, examinations, obtaining parking permits, and for use of Ryan Library and Mulcahy Campus Events Center facilities. If a student is on a meal plan, the ID card must be presented in order to purchase meals. This card is non-transferable.

The first ID is issued without charge. A fee of $10 will be charged for the replacement of lost or damaged cards.

Parking Permits:

All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid Iona College parking permit and park in a legal space. Parking permits are available to all students, excluding resident freshman and sophomores, through the Department of Campus Safety, in the Robert V. LaPenta Student Union . A resident freshman or sophomore may file for a waiver to obtain a parking permit if a hardship exists requiring a vehicle on campus.

Parking permits are non-transferable. There is no fee for the initial parking permit, a replacement permit may be obtained for a fee of $10.00. A parking permit does not guarantee a convenient parking space and fines are levied on those students who violate Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations. Students must pay all outstanding parking fines in order to register for classes, request transcripts, or be eligible to graduate. You are required to provide your school ID card and a copy of your vehicle registration (from DMV) in order to obtain your parking permit.

Click here to fill out the Vehicle Registration Form. Once you have completed the card, submit to the Department of Campus Safety Office in the Robert V. LaPenta Student Union.

It is important to remember that yellow lined spaces are for faculty and staff only.

Students are permitted to park in white lined spaces only.

A booklet of parking and traffic regulations can be obtained in our office. This booklet and policy is intended to facilitate the flow of traffic and to improve pedestrian safety. Campus Safety is always willing to meet with students to discuss campus safety and personal security issues.