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About The Center

What is it?

The Iona College Counseling Center is a student service that is a part of the Division of Student Life. It offers a variety of counseling and psychoeducational services to the Iona community. These services include crisis intervention, personal, couples, and group counseling, as well as advocacy, consultation, workshops, on-campus training and a speakers bureau regarding wellness and mental health issues. The Counseling Center also serves as a practicum  site for graduate students in counseling or clinical psychology programs who serve as externs.

Why Go There?

The purpose of the counseling process is to help students discuss and manage any concerns that may interfere with  their ability to maximize their educational experience at Iona College. Some concerns that students bring to the Counseling Center include:
  • stress management;
  • substance abuse;
  • relationships;
  • social skills;
  • family problems;
  • eating disorders;
  • sexual assault;
  • cultural/racial concerns;
  • sexual harassment;
  • anxiety;
  • academics;
  • concentration;
  • depression;
  • self-esteem;
  • sexuality;
  • anger management;
  • self-injurious behavior; and
  • relationship abuse/violence.

How Can They Help?

The Counseling Center has a staff of trained counselors who can help students to resolve their problems and develop the skills that will allow them to get the most out of their time at Iona. They can also give students support during stressful times and be an advocate with faculty, deans, and other members of the Iona community. Students can depend on their counselor to meet with them consistently and to respect their privacy.

Who Goes to Counseling?

Everyone has times in their lives when they feel overwhelmed and stressed out about something. People go to counseling when they feel that they can reduce their stress and better manage their lives by talking to someone who is objective, caring, supportive and confidential. All full-time Iona students may avail themselves of counseling services.

What Does it Cost?

There is no charge for any of the services provided by the Counseling Center.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Students can arrange an appointment by calling the Counseling Center at 633-2038, or by coming to our office on the second floor of Spellman Hall, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Evening hours are available by appointment. Students can also arrange an appointment via e-mail (listed on back panel).

Is it Confidential?

For the most part, everything that students share with a counselor is held in confidence. No information is released to college staff, to parents or to outside agencies without the student’s written consent, unless they are a danger to themselves or others, involved in child or elder abuse, by court order or as required by law.

Services Available

Individual Counseling

This is a one-on-one service for anyone who can benefit from talking to a counselor on a short- or long-term basis about personal or academic concerns. Typically, students meet with their counselor for one hour each week.

Couples Counseling

This service is available for couples who would like to meet with a counselor to resolve any difficulties they may be experiencing in making their relationship run smoothly. Examples include problems with communication, control, mistrust, jealousy and/or other unhealthy behaviors.

Group Counseling

The Counseling Center offers groups for students who want to share common concerns, get support and feedback, and find solutions to problems. Counselors meet with students on a weekly basis, usually for one hour, about such issues as Adult Children of Alcoholics, Stress Management, Body Image, Social Skills, Transition to College and Coping with Grief and Loss. Groups are advertised in The Ionian, and in flyers distributed on campus.


Counselors are available to consult with any member of the Iona College community, including students, R.A.’s, Campus Ministers, faculty, staff and administrators about any student who is of concern to them. Counselors may suggest ways to refer the individual to the Counseling Center or to other agencies, or they may suggest other interventions and strategies for working with the student.

Outreach Services

The Counseling Center offers a variety of psychoeducational programs and activities that help students develop awareness about mental health issues, and that promote emotional and physical wellness. Examples of outreach services include: workshops on multicultural awareness, anger management, stress reduction, creating healthy relationships, recognizing signs of depression, relationship abuse, eating disorders and public speaking anxiety. The Counseling Center also serves as a speakers bureau regarding mental health issues for the campus community. Center staff are available to make in-class presentations and to offer programs for employees, upon request. Additionally, the Counseling Center collaborates with other student service offices to provide various outreach programs, such as the Stress-Free Zone, diversity training, alcohol and other drugs education (CHOICES Program), and the PASS Program (Promoting Academic Success for Student-Athletes).

Diversity Initiatives

In its commitment to creating and maintaining a hospitable campus climate for all members of the Iona community, the Counseling Center provides culturally sensitive counseling services, as well as a variety of psychoeducational programs that focus on the issue of diversity. The Counseling Center also works with other student services at the College to provide assessment, advocacy, training and education with regard to meeting the needs of a diverse student population.

Extern Training

The Counseling Center serves as a practicum site to train masters and doctoral level psychology students from metropolitan area universities. Externs receive intensive supervision and inservice training while having an opportunity to counsel students and to offer outreach programs.

Undergraduate Internship

The Counseling Center offers an internship experience in Community Outreach and Peer Education in collaboration with the Iona College Department of Social Work. Social Work juniors and seniors may apply.