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Recycling and Trash Tips

Its easy to follow trash collection and recycling schedules and rules when you know what they are!

General Information:

  • Put recycling and trash out by 7am.
  • Items should be in containers not bigger than 32 gallons or 75lbs

Trash Collection:

  • Trash is picked up two times a week (Mondays and Thursdays for North New Rochelle residents, Tuesdays and Fridays for South new Rochelle residents)
  • TVs and computers need a scheduled pick up. Call (914) 635-5830 to schedule a pick up before Thursday at 3pm the week of the pick up.
  • TVs and computers are only picked up on the second Saturday of the month in northern New Rochelle and on the third Saturday of the month for southern New Rochelle.


  • Recycling is picked up on Wednesdays all over New Rochelle on a rotating basis (unless there is a holiday). One week commingling recyclables are picked up. The next week newspaper and cardboard are picked up.
  • Commingling Recyclables: Defined as glass, plastic, and metal, these items are picked up together. Items that are recyclable are as follows: metals: cans, glass: green, brown, and clear bottles and jars, plastics: smaller than 2 gallons with “PET 1 or 2” written on the bottom. Just rinse these items out. You do NOT need to take labels off.
  • Paper, newspaper, and cardboard: leave magazines and newspapers loose. Recycle corrugated cardboard boxes folded and tied.
  • Do NOT recycle plastic bags, hangers, pizza boxes, or cereal boxes.
  • For the schedule and more information go to this website