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Summary of Services


The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services provides students with information including maps of New Rochelle, bus schedules, and other worksheets and tools to assist them as they transition off campus. Off-Campus and Commuter Services also has an extensive website with helpful information.

Programming and Education

Off-Campus and Commuter Services runs a series of educational programs for current off-campus students to educate them about off-campus services and needs. Off-Campus and Commuter Services also provides transitioning information to current residential students looking to move off campus. Off-Campus and Commuter Services works to increase the opportunities for commuter and off-campus students to stay connected to campus.

Assess Concerns and Needs

Off-Campus and Commuter Services assesses the needs of Ionas commuter and off-campus students with focus groups, surveys, and individual anecdotal interviewing.


Off-Campus and Commuter Services serves as a voice for off-campus students on campus and in the community by attending appropriate meetings and sharing information with students. Students are also encouraged to share concerns about current property managers and brainstorm solutions for difficult off-campus situations.

Reference Materials

While Off-Campus and Commuter Services cannot make recommendations or referrals for or against management companies, the office will maintain a record of students concerns for individuals to review when apartment searching.

Off-Campus Housing Listing

The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services acts only in an advisory capacity and does not make reservations, appointments, rental commitments or participate in any negotiations with individual landlords. Students must, on their own, meet with the landlords, inspect the apartments, check for conformity with local ordinances and make the necessary lease arrangements.

The office will refer students to local real estate agencies willing to work with our students, help students decide what they are looking for in an off-campus apartment/house, educate students about the steps one can take when pursuing off-campus residence, and educate students about different city codes they must comply with, etc.

Because of varying costs and the quality of accommodations, personal visits to available housing units are necessary before making final arrangements with the landlord. It is important to realize that most rental properties will require a 12-month lease.

The best time to look for fall semester housing is February through the end of August and from November until mid-January for the spring semester. Some landlords and agents are prepared to show apartments much earlier as many apartments are occupied by students and tend to turn over year after year.

It is vital that students verify all information in the listings and ensure that the room or apartment is in compliance with all applicable local building and zoning codes. When considering any rental space, always check for safety equipment like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If there is any doubt in your mind, please check with the local building and/or fire departments.

Members of the community are encouraged to place an announcement of your listing for off-campus housing with our office. To remove your property from the listings after it is rented, please call the office at (914) 633-2243 or e-mail

Please note that Iona College posts these listings for the convenience of our students and the College does not verify the information provided. Students are advised that it is their responsibility to verify the information to ensure that the rental unit is safe and conforms with all local ordinances.