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(914) 890-1550
Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm



(914) 777-9000 (24hrs/7days per week)

Note: Call at least a week in advance to arrange a time for the technician to come set up your cable. Cablevision provides telephone service, internet service, and phone service. However, the phone service will not be available if your internet or power goes down.

Direct TV

Sign Up: (888) 777-2454 (homes) or (888) 483-4635 (residential buildings)
(24 hrs/7 days per week)
Service: (800) 494-4388 (8:00 am - 10:00 pm)

Verizon Fios
Please visit for information on Verizon Fios.


United Water New Rochelle

(914) 632-6900 (24 hours/7 days per week)

Note: New customers must set up an account in a new name at least one week before moving in. You may be required to put a deposit down. To cancel an account, call one week before you move so UWNR can prepare a final bill.


Con Edison

(800) 752-6633 (24 hours/7 days per week)

Note: Set up your account by giving your address at least one week before moving in to ensure no outstanding problems exist with the previous tenants. You will need to provide Con Ed with a valid name, telephone number, social security number (or other accepted form of ID). If you do this, you should not need to give a deposit. Consumers will be billed at the end of each month for services used. Con Ed reads meters once a month. If the meter is accessible/outside, this will be done accurately. If its not (if the meter is located inside a house), Con Ed will send an estimated bill. To ensure no surprise bills, renters can read the meter and call or contact Con Ed electronically to self-report usage until Con Ed can read the meter.