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Residential Life: Live, learn, thrive!

Residential Life: Live, learn, thrive!

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For Parents

It's important that parents and students learn the important information about how to successfully live in the New Rochelle community. The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services is committed to supporting students through their off-campus housing search and during their off-campus housing living experience. The office looks to partner with parents, where appropriate, so that students are hearing the important messages about off-campus housing from many angles.

When students accept the responsibility of moving off-campus, they must be prepared for the search process and accept the responsibilities associated with living off-campus. While parents can help, students must understand, participate in, and truly own their off-campus experience from start to finish.

Iona's Role in Off-Campus Living

Parents should also understand Iona's role off-campus, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Iona does help prepare students for the off-campus experience through a number of educational information sessions and resources.
  • Iona does work actively with local neighborhood associations, municipal leaders, police department and businesses to ensure a positive quality of life for off-campus students and local community members.
  • Iona does not own off-campus property that it rents to students. All property on the off-campus housing listing is owned by private landlords and management companies.
  • Iona does not inspect off-campus properties, but Iona does have a checklist developed in conjunction with the Bureau of Buildings to help students determine if a property is safe and legal.
  • Iona does hold students accountable for their behavior as citizens in the local community. Student must abide by Iona's Code of Conduct and Good Neighbor Policy. If they do not, they will be adjudicated for their behavior as well as face the consequences issued by the New Rochelle legal system.
  • Iona does not come between landlords and students, but Iona does help students try to understand their roles as tenants and try to help them communicate more effectively with neighbors, landlords, roommates, etc.
  • Iona does not have the power to remove a roommate, force a roommate to pay rent, or get someone evicted if he or she lives off-campus. Iona does offer roommate mediations if all roommates agree to work collaboratively.
  • Iona does encourage off-campus students to stay involved in the Iona community and get involved in the greater New Rochelle community.

Moving off-campus while in college does give students the opportunity to learn important life skills about community and citizenship with the support of the Off-Campus Housing office. However, not every student is ready for this responsibility!

Off-Campus Student Resources

Michele L. Nelson, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Services

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Monday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursday:
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Robert V. LaPenta Student Union
2nd Floor, Rm 213
Phone: (914) 633-2243
Fax: (914) 633-2482
Email: Michele

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