Loftus Dinner

Held annually during Heritage Week, the Loftus Dinner features the presentation of the Br. Arthur Austin Loftus Award to an outstanding Christian Brother. Long-serving faculty, administrators, and staff-members are also honored. Those who have worked at the College for 50 years receive the Facere et Docere Award; for 40 years, the Pro Multis Anni Award; for 30 years, the Bene Merenti Award; and for 20 years, the Pro Operis Award. The Loftus Dinner and Loftus Award are named after Br. Arthur Austin Loftus, CFC (1904 - 1979). Br. Loftus was an extraordinary teacher, leader, and Brother who served as the College's second President, Provincial of the Congregation, and Superior General of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, the first non-Irish-born Brother elected to that post.

2017 Br. Arthur A. Loftus Award Honoree

Br. Joseph Gerard Morgan, Ph.D. ’75
Associate Professor of History

“Give to the Poor in Handfuls”
- Blessed Ignatius Edmund Rice

The eldest of the eight children of James and Joan Morgan, Joseph Gerard Morgan was raised in Montclair, N.J. In 1967, he first encountered the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers when he enrolled in Essex Catholic High School. Upon his graduating from Essex, he joined the Brothers community. He attended Iona College and graduated  in 1975 with his B.A. in History. For the better part of the next 40 years, Br. Morgan embraced the Christian Brother motto, “to do and to teach” by teaching on the primary, middle, and then high school levels before beginning full-time service on the Iona College faculty in 1994. “Teaching at the lower levels helped to train me for college teaching,” Br. Morgan said as he reflected on the diversity of ages and places he taught that include Iona Grammar School, Sacred Heart School and Bishop Hendricken High School, where he taught and lived with Br. Loftus in his final years.

In 1985, Br. Morgan began his doctoral studies in History at Georgetown University where he researched the Vietnam War with special interest in the American Friends of Vietnam, a private advocacy group, founded in 1955, which influenced U.S. attitudes and policies toward Vietnam. His extensive research on this topic produced The Vietnam Lobby, published in 1997 by the University of North Carolina Press. “Well-researched, judicious, and crisply written” assessed the Journal of American History while the American Historical Review added, "An excellent taxonomical account of the structure, leadership, function, financial resources, and policies of the Vietnam Lobby ... Morgan's research is meticulous and prodigious.” Br. Morgan is currently seeking publication for his second book on the Vietnam War, specifically focusing on the friendship with and influence of Michigan State University political scientist, Wesley Fishel, on the former President of South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem.

In 1994, Br. Morgan was hired as a full-time tenure track professor at Iona College. During the past 23 years, he chaired the History Department for two terms (2000-06), led the campus Brothers’ community (2003-06), while also serving the college for periods of time on the Rank, Tenure, & Awards committee, on the Arts Council and on the writing team for the most recent iteration of the Middle States report. “Iona is a special place to work because of the sense of community and common goal of service we share here,” Br. Morgan noted as he reflected on how he especially valued his opportunities to help colleagues, students and brothers as a former department chair and community leader. The Br. Arthur Loftus award honors Br. Morgan’s 46 years of dedication as a Christian Brother, half of which time has been at the service of the Iona College as a competent and caring scholar, teacher and leader. 

Past Recipients of the Br. Arthur A. Loftus Award:

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  • 2015: Br. Eugene O’Brien, Ph.D.
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  • 2013: Br. Harry Dunkak, Ph.D., '51
  • 2012: Br. J. Kevin Devlin, Ed.D., '61
  • 2011: Br. James A. Liguori, Ed.D., '65
  • 2010: Br. Robert Novak, Ph.D., '72
  • 2009: Br. Kenneth Chapman, '56
  • 2008: The International Christian Brothers, accepted by Br. Alfred Banda
  • 2007: Br. Jack Mostyn
  • 2006: The Iona Community of Brothers, accepted by Br. Joseph Morgan, Ph.D., '75
  • 2005: Br. Brian Walsh
  • 2004: Br. Charles B. Quinn
  • 2003: The Bicentenary of the Congregation of Christian Brothers (1802 - 2002)