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Recruitment Resources

Finding the right job requires time to strategize and prepare

Job Search Links - Access job links for general employment, alumni & experienced employment, diversity employment and many others.

Finding the right job requires time to strategize and prepare for an effective job search. We recommend using a variety of resources and meeting with a Career Advisor to discuss a job search plan tailored to meet your goals.

There are a variety of recruitment options listed below for students to explore. Students should meet with a Career Advisor to strategize a job search specific to their needs.

Internship & Job Postings

On-Campus Recruiting & Resume Referral Programs

  • The On-campus Recruiting (OCR) program at Iona offers seniors and graduate students (depending on the interviewer’s qualifications) the opportunity to interview on-campus for full-time entry level positions. In certain instances employers will interview on campus for internships that lead to full-time opportunities.
  • The Resume Referral Program is similar to On-Campus Recruiting in that resumes are collected by Career Development for specific postings. The difference is employers select candidates to interview at their site.