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Thank You Letters

You have created your résumé and cover letter and have now gone through the interview process. Congratulations! The process is not over.

The next step is to send a thank you letter. You need a competitive edge and have the chance to market yourself one more time.

You should plan on sending a thank you letter as soon as possible after the interview. Here are some points you may want to include in your letter:

  • Express your interest and enthusiasm for the organization and the position for which you interviewed. Be specific about why you are interested and how you are a good fit for the organization.
  • The letter must be sincere and genuine. You want to show that you recognize the importance of the time you met with them.
  • Check for typos as your letter should be a professional document that will also be evaluated as a representation of yourself.

For a Thank You Letter sample, check out our Resources page in Handshake!

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